Privateer Press Announces Skull Island eXpeditions Digital Publishing!

BELLEVUE, WA, January 10, 2013 – Privateer Press announces Skull Island eXpeditions, a new digital publishing imprint that will produce original novels and novellas set in the Iron Kingdoms and beyond. E books from Skull Island eXpeditions will be available in PDF, epub, and mobi formats directly from its website,, this spring. These formats are compatible with personal computers and most e book readers, tablets, and smartphones.

Acclaimed novelists including New York Times bestselling author Larry Correia, C.L. Werner, Howard Tayler, and Dave Gross will pen Skull Island eXpeditions publications. Monthly releases will feature full-color art, and many of the imprint’s novels and novellas will chronicle the tales of some of the most popular characters from the Iron Kingdoms setting and the WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas.

“The Iron Kingdoms is such a rich and vibrant world—one that benefits from over a decade of growth, development, and history,” said Matt Wilson, Chief Creative Officer of Privateer Press. “There’s no end to the myriad stories to be told from western Immoren, and Skull Island eXpeditions will bring readers a vast library of the Iron Kingdoms fiction they’ve been waiting for. Additionally, as excited as we are to dive further into the rich world of western Immoren, we’re just as eager to spin all-new tales from worlds yet unexplored.”

For more information about Skull Island eXpeditions, visit

About Privateer Press, Inc.

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