Privateer Press Announces "Lockdown" Expansion for "LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]"!

BELLEVUE, WA, February 13, 2013 – Privateer Press proudly announced LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]: Lockdown, a new expansion for LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] releasing this June. The Lockdown expansion adds new enemies, rules, components, and scenarios to LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE], a science fiction survival-horror board game set in the LEVEL 7 world.

Lockdown expands the story that began in LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] while also adding additional gameplay options to create a whole new experience. These include all-new scenarios as well as enhancements to the base game’s original scenarios,” said William Shick, Director of Business for Privateer Press. “LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE]: Lockdown makes surviving Subterra Bravo more challenging, more terrifying, and of course even more fun than before.”

LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] is the first in a series of games set to explore the science fiction world of LEVEL 7 created by Matthew D. Wilson. The second stand-alone game, LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL], also releases later this year.

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