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Ah, Steamroller. That beautiful set of guidelines that helps your local gaming store transform into a battle arena and pit friend against friend in a day full of carnage. So majestic.

The THEMEPOCALYPSE is here! Below you will find links to all sorts of goodies, including a new comprehensive theme force document combining all existing themes (with updated rules) and a whole slew of brand-new theme forces, a couple of dynamic updates on models we wanted to push out the door, and an addition to the Core Rules that will help streamline how theme forces are written and make things a little more intuitive for players.

September 2017 Updated Theme Forces

There are many reasons to be excited for the release of No Quarter Prime #1, but one of my personal favorites is the Strangelight RPG adventure. Players of the Iron Kingdoms Full-Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game are in for a treat as they are granted a never-before-seen side of our setting. From supernatural threats like shades and specters to the insidious Grymkin, the Strangelight Workshop teams battle against the unknown, shining a light on all things that go bump in the night.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Wait, none of those are included in this theme force . . . Let’s try that again, shall we? Satyrs and Warpwolves and Griffons, oh my! Ahh, much better. Call of the Wild is a new theme force focused on the living warbeasts of the Circle Orboros. This theme can be led by any and all of the Circle warlocks and can field all non-character living warbeasts. The warlocks Kromac, Kaya, Krueger, and Una can all be played very effectively under this theme force when running very large battlegroups.

Previously in our theme force Insider series, my fellow staff member (and fellow Will) Will Hungerford talked about the Talion Charter theme. In it, he waxed eloquently about the joys of a pirate’s life and the thrills and derring-do of being a pirate on the high seas of Immoren.

Well, today my friends, I’m going to blow away that PG-13 bright-skies-and-sunny-waves pirate’s life dream world that Hungerford and his mouse-idolizing ways inhabits, and I’m going to show you what real pirates look like in the Iron Kingdoms.

Miniatures come in many different materials. Each one can require a different approach when you are prepping them to paint up for your tabletop. I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss some of the techniques to cleaning up and preparing your models for the Widower’s Wood and Grymkin releases. Widower’s Wood has some amazing models. I have been painting a few for my personal collection and have truly enjoyed the process. The models are made with a softer type plastic typical to board games. Here are some of my tips to help you get those board game models painted.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the actual launch of the Trencher CID Dynamic Update! We “spoiled” this update in a previous Insider to make sure the players at the World Team Championship would be able to play with the most up-to-date rules.

Ah, Minions. I do love them. Even when I’m playing other Factions, I’m always looking for fun opportunities to fit Mercenary or Minion models into my lists. What can I say—they’re my jam! So, you can imagine my excitement when we first started testing a Skorne theme force that allowed me to do something completely new with my Minion warbeasts: turn them into Skorne warbeasts.

I’ve been a big fan of Cryx since the early days of WARMACHINE. One of the things I’ve especially liked about the Faction is the speed and hitting power of its heavy warjacks. When discussing how we were going to split up who was writing which theme force preview, there was only one that I was sure I wanted to write.

In today’s Insider I’ll be talking a bit about the art direction process for the soon-to-be-released book Forces of HORDES: Skorne Command. As with all of the Command books, we followed two key tenets when determining the list of new illustrations we would need. The first was that every new model would get an illustration, and the second involved combing through the existing model entries to identify pieces that didn’t fit the modern aesthetic I’ve been developing over the last five years at Privateer.

Mini-Geist for MiniCrate!

The latest MiniCrate concept art by Matt Wilson is in…and it’s haunting.

This month, the first of the new style of WARMACHINE & HORDES leagues begins: Rotten Bounty!

Steam and steel! Among the most iconic models in the entire game of WARMACHINE, Man-O-War power forward with their very own theme force. When I started writing this Insider, the theme force felt a little bit sad to write about, as it was using only currently released models. That would really leave out some of the craziness that can be done with this theme. So, I got the go-ahead to spoil some stuff!

Our next theme force up is for the Convergence of Cyriss. Clockwork Legions is a theme based around the infantry units of the Convergence.

I’ve been having a great time painting my Grymkin army. One of my favorite aspects of painting an army is coming up with little hobby projects that add a bit of flavor to it.

Get ready! This September, a hot batch of succulent new theme forces is headed your way. Leading up to the official release of these new themes, we continue to discuss some of our favorites and give you a little appetizer before the full course is served. Today’s treat is a delicious rum-flavored morsel with a slight hint of adventure.

When HORDES was first being previewed way back in 2005 in preparation for its 2006 release, I was simply not a fan of the Skorne look. The skorne’s weird faces and lack of helmets to hide said faces just simply weren’t my jam. I thought they were interesting, but I had no desire to put brush to miniature when it came to the models. There was really only one model that caught my eye, but it was one solo in a whole Faction. And so, I resolved that a Skorne player I would never be.

Our second Dynamic Update…sort of! Community Integrated Development is racing along, though due to event timings, we’re running a bit late posting our changes from the Trencher CID. We’re working as fast as we can to get this updated and live; we’ve received a number of questions about it, so we decided to let you know what’s coming in the update.

When we began to talk about No Quarter Prime, the article series I was the most excited about was “Fire and Forge.” This article combines fiction and essays to look back on the most important moments in the major plots for our setting and its characters. This article will allow new readers to catch up on things that happened before they started playing while also being entertaining for those who have been following along since the start.

Playing the Secret Masters theme force is like a breath of fresh air. It’s good to be home with one of my favorite Mk 1 casters, Morvahna 1, and the lore behind the Circle Orboros is some of my favorite that’s ever been written. Druids in the shadowy background manipulating circumstances to achieve their goals, never fighting a head-on fight, always scheming and plotting . . . it’s always been one of my favorite parts of Circle.