Privateer Insider

With the end of the holidays, we return to our campaign!

The beginning of a New Year has always been a fascinating time to me.

I rarely seem to find time to craft an Insider, but as I reach three years with Privateer Press, I felt the need to not only write an Insider but to share an old story.

Pins for 2016 are already well underway, with new chibis, cereals, characters, Ability icons, and logos lined up for release in the first few months.

Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford approached me about a couple of the unique elements for this scenario that he thought would make great conversions.

My name is Brent, and I am the Licensing and Contract Manager here at Privateer Press. I’ve been with the company for nearly a decade, and during that time, I have always believed that you, the player, deserve the best we can provide for your hobby.

Welcome to the first of a monthly series of Insiders focused on new ways to play WARMACHINE and HORDES, both competitive and casual formats. If there’s a format you’d like to see covered, shoot us a tweet #mixupthemeta.

Last year, Butcher Santa was a big holiday hit—and this year, we’re expanding the Christmas collection with another Iron Kingdoms take on the holiday: Wurmwood, Christmas Tree of Fate.

The 2015 convention season is going out with a bang, but that doesn’t mean a break for Brian and me.

The holiday season is a time to get together with family and friends to celebrate the things in life that truly matter—like your ever-growing Privateer Pins collection.

After the recent Battle Report with No Quarter Editor-in-Chief Lyle Lowery in No Quarter #62, we were infused with holiday cheer and looking forward to the rest of the season.

It’s my favorite time of the year—the time when the WARMACHINE community takes to tables to help those in need.

The conclusion of Round 6 and the halfway point of the campaign was a dramatic one—Plummer managed to eliminate the Khadoran command and control center in a brutal game that pitted his larger forces, led by none other than Vyros himself, against Simon’s well-entrenched defenders.

The New Year is fast approaching, and with it comes many questions regarding organized play events in 2016.

The arrival of Round 6 was for me—as organizer and GM of our staff campaign—a brief moment of personal glory.

This weekend marks the first-ever gaming convention held by War Garage in Venezuela. We invited War Garage editor, Rodrigo Guerrero, to share a little of what the Venezuela gaming scene looks like in today’s Insider and to talk about the upcoming event.

There are many different experiences I want from my hobby on any given day.

Hello, all. My name is Zach Parker, and I am the new staff writer here at Privateer Press.

Round 4 was proof-positive that even a campaign run within the hallowed halls of Privateer Press is not immune to the intrusion of real-life responsibilities and unforeseen events.

After more than a year of growth, Privateer Pins heads into the months that end in “-ber” with a set of new pins to expand your collection—chibis (the newly released Chibi Asphyxious is going to be a hot one), logos, cereals (Convergence players will be pleased with our November release)—but my favorite to date is our Warjack-o-Lantern pin and the contest that accompanies it.