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The Company of Iron narrative league begins in just a few short weeks, so that means it’s time for another platoon sneak peek!

Much like The Undercity board game before it, Widower’s Wood is a great miniatures toolbox for players of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game.

I’ve been doing this convention gig for a few years now, and I like to think that I’m pretty good at it. But there is one thing I just can’t seem to get a good handle on (despite years of vowing, “Things will be different for the next show!"): packing in advance. I always leave packing for the last minute, and I always end up forgetting something—if you want to hear a tragic tale, ask me about the Gen Con when I forgot my cellphone.

We started discussing who the heroes would be after our discussions about who would be up to nefarious shenanigans in the next game of the series. Part of the conversation was from the perspective of what would be the most interesting new rules, and the other was considering how the new heroes would contrast with existing ones in the setting. I was looking primarily at the four heroes in The Undercity, but I was also considering heroes from other sources, such as the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit.

The Company of Iron narrative league begins in just a few short weeks, so that means it’s time for another platoon sneak peek!

Valenpins Day Approaches….

In just a few short months, the Company of Iron narrative league for WARMACHINE and HORDES will begin. So, what’s Company of Iron, you ask? Let me give you the quick recap from one of my previous Insiders.

Welcome to the first in a series of articles about the next Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game from Privateer Press, Widower’s Wood.

January is an interesting month for me. It is an important time for the production of RPGs; most of the things players will get their hands on during the big conventions this summer have their genesis now.

A few months ago on Primecast, we dropped the first hints about our forthcoming Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, Widower’s Wood.

The New Year brings exciting new changes to WARMACHINE & HORDES, and today I’d like to discuss with you the most recent change: the new errata document. As you pore through the document, you’ll notice the changes listed are not solely “rules cleanup” but also contain several model entry and Theme Force balance changes as well.

With the end of the holidays, we return to our campaign!

The beginning of a New Year has always been a fascinating time to me.

I rarely seem to find time to craft an Insider, but as I reach three years with Privateer Press, I felt the need to not only write an Insider but to share an old story.

Pins for 2016 are already well underway, with new chibis, cereals, characters, Ability icons, and logos lined up for release in the first few months.

Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford approached me about a couple of the unique elements for this scenario that he thought would make great conversions.

My name is Brent, and I am the Licensing and Contract Manager here at Privateer Press. I’ve been with the company for nearly a decade, and during that time, I have always believed that you, the player, deserve the best we can provide for your hobby.

Welcome to the first of a monthly series of Insiders focused on new ways to play WARMACHINE and HORDES, both competitive and casual formats. If there’s a format you’d like to see covered, shoot us a tweet #mixupthemeta.

Last year, Butcher Santa was a big holiday hit—and this year, we’re expanding the Christmas collection with another Iron Kingdoms take on the holiday: Wurmwood, Christmas Tree of Fate.

The 2015 convention season is going out with a bang, but that doesn’t mean a break for Brian and me.