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A roleplaying game may not be a competitive experience, but that doesn’t mean Game Mastering can’t be.

This year, Lock & Load GameFest 2017 marks the triumphant return of our competitive Game Mastering event. Once again, we will pit contestants against one another to determine who is the true master of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game. Game Masters have the chance to prove their skill by running a short game for a group of volunteer players, and players then vote in a number of categories to determine the winner of this year’s Lock & Load event!

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first CID-based dynamic update! After 611 topics, 7,343 posts, three weeks of CID, and a whole slew of internal testing, I for one am very excited to finally see the fruits of one of our CID cycles make it out into the wild.

In addition to the Developer’s Notes, in which we list and discuss all the new model rule changes, we have a few other announcements to make about how information will be distributed after CID cycles.

Some very exciting changes are coming to No Quarter! Long story short, starting with the September/October issue, we’re reinventing No Quarter to be the most comprehensive and indispensable home for WARMACHINE and HORDES content! And since No Quarter is basically going epic, it needed a new name to reflect its epic form.

In just a few weeks Steamroller 2017 (SR2017) officially goes live—the Monday after Lock & Load in fact! That’s July 17th, for the record.

As the (self-proclaimed) greatest spy in western Immoren, Gavyn Kyle has amassed an expansive collection of dossiers featuring many of the great heroes and villains of the Iron Kingdoms. The intel provided by these Gavyn Kyle files has proven priceless to military leaders looking for information on their rivals and adversaries. Thankfully, the master spy offers his services for quite a reasonable fee.

If you’ve looked over the Lock & Load GameFest 2017 schedule, you might’ve noticed there is a mysterious hangout with my name attached to it.

I’ve been waiting impatiently to announce the project tied to that hangout, and today is finally the day to do so. The game is called Company of Iron, and it is a new way to play with your WARMACHINE and HORDES models.

This past year, I had the opportunity to lead a bunch of super-talented writers in creating a book we called Wicked Ways. The book itself took a few months to write and edit, but the story from start to finish is over fifteen years in the making.

Lock & Load GameFest 2017 approaches, and surrounding it are going to be some major Organized Play changes! We’ve got a lot to talk about today!

We made some big, exciting announcements on Friday, just before the holiday weekend. I wanted to take a moment to go into more detail on what we have been cooking up behind the scenes here at Privateer Press.


Fifteen years ago, I created the artwork for one of our first mercenary characters, a green-skinned little entrepreneur by the name of Reinholdt, the gobber speculator.

The doors open, and the crowd rushes in. Bags are hastily unpacked, and models quickly dominate over 200 tables in the Iron Arena. As the first dice are rolled, the clamor rises—and Lock & Load truly begins.

Every year brings nearly 1,000 players from all over the globe to assemble in Bellevue, Washington, to take part in three straight days of gaming, hobbying, eating, and breathing Privateer Press games. 2016 was a record year with the release of the new edition; 2017 features a new Faction, the first to be run through Community Integrated Development (CID), alongside a whole host of updates and tweaks guaranteeing this show will be one to remember!

As Lock & Load looms closer on the horizon, I put my head down and continue the grind. In my previous Insider, I shared some inspiration and early planning for the Boarsgate project. Today, I would like to share some more work-in-progress photos of the Boarsgate fort and wall for the conclusion of the Crossroads of Courage League.

The final season of “Crossroads of Courage” is upon us! As we speak, the prize kits are on their way to stores all across the globe, and the newest version of Holden (aka Holden the Grim) is already updated in War Room.

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new tool that will allow our community to print the cards of their choice on whatever printers they prefer: The Privateer Press Card Database! For the last several months, a team of designers, programmers, and database engineers have been working together behind the scenes to make this dream a reality.

Why is that so familiar?
Goreshade, man!
That doesn’t make sense—why would Goreshade change his name and play for Retribution of Scyrah?

Godless Debuts. A Warcaster Will Fall.

Protectorate of Menoth followers, rejoice!

It is my distinct pleasure as publisher at Skull Island eXpeditions to announce that Godless by Orrin Grey, the first book in the Fire & Faith series, is now available in both print and digital formats!

For this week’s Insider, I’ll be discussing the development of Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven. As this is Goreshade’s fourth incarnation—and the first time we’re seeing him in his living incarnation—there was quite a bit of discussion about what we wanted to see. The concept artist (Johan Grenier) did a fantastic job, and he was incredibly patient with us throughout the process. As per the normal pipeline for concept art, we always start off with a written description…

This is the fourth incarnation of Goreshade. This version sees him restored to life, forgiven by his goddess, and reunited with his people and his house.

Grymkin, SR2017, and battle engines, oh my! We’re starting our next CID cycle shortly after SR2017—so, hold on! Battle engines are undergoing updates in this cycle; some are changing far more drastically than others. I’m here to explain a bit of the thought process behind the different battle engine archetypes in the game. I won’t be defining them in hard terms but more like broad categories.

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places you can vacation during the summer. With Lock & Load GameFest 2017 happening right in the middle of July, we want to help you get the most out of what Bellevue and Seattle have to offer during your visit. Since moving here last September, I’ve had no end of joy going out exploring and taking advantage of what this gorgeous slice of America has to offer. Whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or with family for this Lock & Load, let me spotlight some rad local options you might be unaware of.

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time to take a look at the next two 2017 Army Boxes hitting shelves this month!