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Back in May, Privateer held their fourth annual invitational for many of our friends and volunteers.

Usually, the first thing I am asked about sculpting models by others is, "What is that made of?”

I knew my time was coming. From my first day here at Privateer Press, I was told Simon would be gunning for me to write my first insider blog. Well, I hid as long as I could. This is going to hurt.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about WARMACHINE and HORDES is building army lists. When I was packing for my move to Washington, I came across all kinds of old Cygnar lists I had put together back in 2005 when I just started playing.

As many long-time WARMACHINE and HORDES players are certainly aware, it’s easy to become fixated on a certain warcaster or warlock.

In the most recent issue of No Quarter Magazine, studio painter Matt Dipietro wrote an excellent article on Cryx speed-painting techniques that the staff used to paint a huge army of undead nastiness in time for Adepticon 2010.

Recently, a 3D modeling student asked if she could use Epic Doomshaper as a basis for a modeling project for her school program.

For this week’s blog, I want to explain why this week's blog is late.

The best part of my duties as Community Manager (when I can tear myself away from writing fiction) is being immersed in the enthusiasm of our audience.

I just completed my final proofing pass over the final round of Mk II HORDES cards.

The photography for Forces of HORDES: Trollbloods is in the can.

Hey there, peeps! The last time we talked I was showing you how I make a figure from scratch.

Writing isn’t always about words. Sometimes it’s about numbers.

Hello everybody, my name is Adam Johnson, and I am the Customer Support here at Privateer Press.

Let me start this blog off by coming clean and admitting that my favorite horror character is the werewolf.

When I accepted the job of Editorial Manager here at Privateer Press, I knew I had some catching up to do: I’d worked in the industry for years but had experienced little exposure to Privateer games.

I had a long weekend for Memorial Day, and I thought I’d tell you about some of my adventures.

Let’s talk about the extreme sculpts.

I read an interesting thread on the forums today about the delay with Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx. One player was insistent that we were delaying it further than necessary. Another brought up the difference between shipping time to New York versus California. Now granted, if the guy who made the first post lived right outside the warehouse in his car, we could get him a copy of Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx today (though that would mean breaking our street date, which we don’t do, so don’t move here and live in your car).