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Several weeks ago, Jen wrote a blog about how difficult it is to be surrounded by so many beautiful models.

In the six months I’ve been editor-in-chief of No Quarter Magazine, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interact with my readers both in person at the various conventions Privateer Press attends and on our forums.

This year at the Penny Arcade Expo we took a few minutes to talk to the top three finalists in our PAX Invitational tournament!

Hi, I’m Ross Thompson in Retailer Support and Development here at Privateer Press.

There have been multiple people asking how the stone was painted on the Skorne Immortal that I did a couple of blogs ago. I answered one of the forum replies, but I feel I should write a little tutorial on how it was done. You asked, and now you shall receive.

The painting of my new Temple Flameguard unit is proceeding smoothly.

Your readership is very important to us. Please stand by, and the next available blogger will be able to assist you.

In my last blog, I talked about memorable gaming experiences and how a good time is more important than the end result.

For this blog, I thought I'd do something a little different. I was talking to Lucas Smith (PG Geist), and he wanted some tips on a conversion he was making. I thought it was a great idea, so with his permission, I stole it!

After three blogs in a row about playtesting, I’ve decided to write about not playtesting today.

The smell of fall is in the air, a sign that the 2010 convention
season is nearly at an end, and time for the obligatory post con wrap
up blog!

One of my favorite events of the year comes just a couple weeks before Christmas.

Flame On!

As August comes to a close, convention season is winding down along with the summer, and perhaps more importantly for everyone at Privateer, so are the last of the Forces of HORDES books.

Writing combat fiction for both WARMACHINE and HORDES is fun but sometimes tricky. Clearly it’s important to include exciting and engaging action in our ongoing narrative. We want our readers to get caught up in both the small skirmishes as well as the grand epic clashes that occupy our characters. At the same time it is important that the battles are not only exciting but feel representative of the games themselves.

Coming Full Circle

This month saw one of our most exciting Gen Con trips ever, and the question most often directed at me was, “What’s it like seeing the WARMACHINE video game demo?” The short answer is easy. But to really describe my reaction properly, I have to take you back to the beginning—the inception of WARMACHINE.

Another fun-filled Gen Con and another bag full of booty to add to my growing pile of miniatures that I sleep on like an old dragon.

As Creative Manager, I work directly with everyone on the creative development team.

Like any gamer, I look forward to Gen Con every year.

My last two Privateer Insider blogs illustrated the difference between being a good playtester and being a great playtester. This blog article explores becoming a Privateer Press playtester.