Privateer Insider

I received a demo of WARMACHINE in the summer of 2003 in a small game shop in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. When I got home that evening, I threw all sorts of other hobby gaming products into auctions to support my brand-new pewter habit. I started with a Cryx army starring Deneghra, but before Escalation hit the shelves, I was interested in every faction. I was hooked.

My name is Jason Soles, and I am the lead developer for WARMACHINE and HORDES. I am responsible for concepting new models, creating their statistics and rules, and shepherding them through development. Development manager and playtest coordinator David “DC” Carl and a small army of both internal and external playtesters aid in this process. I also serve as Privateer Press’ continuity editor, meaning I must read every word written about the Iron Kingdoms to make sure it maintains the feel and history of the setting.

This year is the beginning of a whole new era for Privateer Press, and I can’t think of a better time to give our audience a chance to take a look inside Privateer HQ. We have an amazing crew of artists, writers, and game developers at work here, all of whom contribute their tremendous abilities to make the best games possible. Starting today, each weekday the Insider shines a spotlight on one of our talented staffers, giving them a chance to tell you about what they are working on or thinking about—or even what armies they are building for the fun of it!