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Before I address what I really want to talk about in this blog, I need to come clean about something.

I’m a social gamer.

Privateer on the road at Gen Con 2010!

Hi, all. The last time I was here, I bade farewell to all the factions from my past and declared myself a Merc player.

In my last blog, I wrote about some general elements of playtesting.

The Long Road to Tokens

Some of you may remember from my first blog that I’m a big fan of extreme music

Comic Con day 4 and back on the road.

Comic Con day 3.

Comic Con Day 2.

Comic Con Day 1!

The calm before the preview night storm.

Convention season is here, and with its arrival the Insider is going to change format for a few weeks!

Gen Con is almost here, and I am utterly determined to prove that Privateer Press has the best-dressed fans in all of tabletop gaming.

I started a new unit, the Immortals, for my Skorne army.

Typos come with the territory for an editor. Most of them we fix without a second’s thought, but occasionally there are those that make us pause to appreciate the glory of an error-induced perspective.

Today, I’ve decided to talk a bit about the playtest process.

I spend an enormous amount of time drawing the rivets, belt-buckles, straps and bladed edges that make up the Iron Kingdoms.

Back in May, Privateer held their fourth annual invitational for many of our friends and volunteers.

Usually, the first thing I am asked about sculpting models by others is, "What is that made of?”