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Working with the rich and diverse setting we do, we here at Privateer Press often find ourselves embroiled in broad-ranging discussions of psychology, art, and philosophy. What is the breaking point of a man in the field of battle facing his brothers-in-arms as undead abominations? How does a culture that embraces pain sing its infants to sleep? How much wood does a woodchuck chuck before it’s eaten by a troll? (Speaking of trolls, never fear: the HORDES cookies are still on their way!)

Today, my blog is about one of the events at Lock & Load. However, I need to preface this blog with bit of background about the Shattered Grounds league season models.

The countdown to Lock & Load at Privateer Press HQ has officially begun! It has always been on the horizon, but with just a few months to go, it’s now on our minds all the time. It will take the efforts of every Privateer staffer to give the fans and attendees the experience they deserve!

No Quarter Magazine #35 hits shelves next month, and while it’s chocked full of
awesome new content, the highlight of the issue has to be the preview of the rules
for the mighty battle engines. In fact, the issue even features a Battle Report that
pits the Khador Gun Carriage against the Retribution of Scyrah Arcantrik Force
Generator. While NQ also has an exclusive preview of the rules for the Khador Gun Carriage, we thought we would do something a little
different with the Arcantrik Force Generator preview.

Today Privateer Insider sits down with Studio Director Ron Kruzie to find out a bit more about the sculpting process.

Every miniature that comes out of Privateer Press passes through your hands. Can you explain a bit about the sculpting process? How does a model go from concept to actual figure?

An interview with Studio Painter Matt Dipietro.

What was the first model you painted for Privateer Press?

The first new release I painted for the Privateer Press Studio was part of the Pirates of the Broken Coast project. It was the lowly Sea Dog Rifleman. However, I went on to paint quite a few models for that book, including Fiona the Black, the Press Gangers, and Freebooter. It was a very exciting time, and I remember it fondly.

If you have bent your knee to Menoth's will then this is the week you have been waiting for.

Behold the beginnings of the mighty Vessel of Judgment!

As retail development and support specialist at Privateer Press, I get an inside look into game stores across the planet. One of my favorite aspects of this privilege is having retailers share their creativity with me. Let me tell you, some people out there really love to show off how much they love our products!

Every now and then, someone asks me, “What faction do you play?” My WARMACHINE/HORDES collection at home includes every faction, and I play every faction here at work for balanced playtesting. So I happily reply, “All of them!”

The follow-up question is a bit tougher, however: “Which faction is your favorite?”

In this blog we'll go over making fire effects for your various models. Once again, I'll be using my Captain Jeremiah Kraye conversion to illustrate the concepts.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Cryx is the unique way the faction mixes traditional fantasy undead with the steam-powered technology of the Iron Kingdoms. You have units of traditional undead-looking Bane Thralls next to techno-horrors like Mechanithralls that blend necrotic flesh with steel and steam. When Matt Wilson revealed the concept for the awesome new battle engines, I knew the Cryx version would be like something out of a mechanik’s worst nightmare.

Sometimes work is hard. Today, for example, my boss walked up and hurled a pile of Skorne models on my desk and commanded that I assemble them. This is partially my own fault.

Some things are universal: Birth. Death. A knack for picking the slowest checkout line in the grocery store. And cookies.

Just a few weeks ago I posted a list of the materials to stockpile for today's blog. For quick reference, here it is again:

Things are buzzing around here at Privateer Press. We have been toiling away on the new Wrath book for a long time, and we are now putting together the final touches on the rules section. I have art flowing in from our many talented artists, so I thought I would preview one of my favorite upcoming Wrath pieces: The Vessel of Judgment.

Some of you may have picked up on the hint I dropped last week about this week’s battle engine showcase. And I’m certain most of you caught the little easter egg Ed hid in his blog yesterday. Well today I am excited to show you a 3-D render of the work in progress Cygnar Storm Strider.

In this blog, I will take everyone on a little tour of my office and offer a sneak peek at the tools “required” for me to do my job.

Here we are, barely into 2011, and the struggle to get models fully painted for an event is the same as it was in 2010. Completing the Impossible Dream Challenge back in November kind of destroyed my will to paint, and December yielded very few painted models from yours truly. Not even the “ooh, shiny” factor of a new Circle army was enough to get me to lift a brush more than once or twice.

As other staff members have mentioned in recent blogs, Privateer Press holds a monthly event for its staffers called First Fridays. It’s a chance for all of us to enjoy the hobby we work hard to create. For me, it’s also something else: it’s a huge learning experience.

I could draw this out and talk about all the awesome contained within this blog, but everyone always says a picture is worth a thousand words. So without further ado, I am happy to present the exclusive first look at the Arcantrik Force Generator!