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Those of you who attended AdeptiCon may have noticed an unusual issue of No Quarter Magazine floating around the convention hall. This pint-sized version of the magazine sported an unbelievably awesome cover by Andrea Uderzo depicting Sorscha battling a rampaging dire troll mauler. Reports of this mysterious No Quarter prompted a lot of questions from curious fans: Where did this miniature issue come from? What is inside it? And most importantly, how the hell do I get one?

Yesterday, Ed talked a bit about his newfound love for Unbound and showed off some great pictures from the fully painted game we played during our monthly First Friday event. That was the second Unbound game I’ve played against Ed (the first was my Legion vs. his Cryx) and the very first time I had played Retribution since playtesting ended for them back in early 2009. It was, to say the least, an experience I won’t soon forget.

On the First Friday of every month, the Privateer staff comes together for the last half of the day to play games, work on hobby projects, and chow down. (We’ve been cooking out lately since the weather is getting nicer. Yum.) First Friday is a great opportunity to enjoy the things we work hard on every day, get to know some of the new faces around the office, and Vent Steam (* Attack).

To begin this blog, I need to borrow my favorite line from the movie Dogma: “Painting an army is the most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer.”

It’s Unbound blogging week here at Privateer Press, and I’m sure there will be plenty of interesting information about the new game format for WARMACHINE and HORDES. It’s been said before, but this format does not replace standard games of WARMACHINE and HORDES; it is merely a new option for games that have at least 150 points and 3 warcasters per side.

Everyone at Privateer is stoked for the unveiling of Unbound, rules for large scale battles in the Iron Kingdoms this week with the release of No Quarter Magazine issue #36! To kick things off for this big occasion–which is just one part of the ongoing celebration of Privateer Press’ 10th Anniversary–we’ll be taking a look at Unbound all week long in the Privateer Insider.

Simon – Today we return to the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge to check in with our other three challengers at the end of their first week of painting!

When we saw what Privateer forum member PainBringer's girlfriend made him for his birthday we had to share it with everyone else. We're sure he needed to use Regeneration after all that Snacking!

Simon - Today we'll introduce the last three participants in the HORDES Impossible Dream Challenge! Their challenge: paint 100 points of HORDES from scratch in just one month! Starting next week they'll be documenting their efforts to paint a huge army to soon be expanded into the upcoming Unbound format!

I have been preaching the Lock & Load gospel for quite some time now. I firmly believe that If Morrow and Menoth were ever to duke it out, Lock & Load is where it would happen. Yup, it’s that big of a deal. (Menoth would totally win by the way. No contest.)

Today we wanted to take a look at a truly massive hobby project from an intrepid WARMACHINE and HORDES player!

Development UNBOUND: Confessions from the Big Game

Over the past few months I have been playing a lot of WARMACHINE and HORDES –truly large games with great masses of models on each side of the table. Games that engaged me on every level and challenged my over stimulated mind to constantly adapt and refocus on the rising and falling tides of conflict erupting across the tabletop. I have mounted cavalry charges in which three full units of Uhlans slammed into my opponent’s zealot horde. I have faced the massed might of six Wraith Engines (damn you, DC!). I have seen a tabled littered with dozens of wrecked warjack. These were the epic battles I have longed for throughout my tenure at Privateer Press.

AdeptiCon 2011 was an amazing show for Privateer Press! This was our second year travelling to the Chicago area for three days of wargaming madness, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many new players in one place who were so enthusiastic about trying WARMACHINE! Demos and battlegroup box tournaments were being played shoulder-to-shoulder with veteran players in Hardcore, Masters, and our increasingly popular Team Tournament format!

Today’s HORDES: Domination battle engine preview is not for the squeamish. If you are afraid of the gribbly things that go bump in the night, then go ahead and take a pass on this one. For those of you brave enough, I present the finished concept for the Throne of Everblight battle engine.


With the release of WARMACHINE: Wrath just a few months away, I thought it would be great to go over the process of illustrating the Wrath cover art. Andrea Uderzo, our beloved super star artist, really went to town on this one.

Astute readers will recall there are a number of painting projects I’ve discussed starting recently: Cryx, Circle, Cygnar, Retribution, and maybe some others I’ve forgotten. Cryx gave way to Circle, Cygnar was being painted for the Impossible Dream Challenge, and Retribution was being painted in anticipation of TempleCon 2011.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out a new warlock for my Skorne army. Because I am a sucker for the Theme Forces I looked at what I had in my painted collection and realized Tyrant Xerxis would be a prime choice to lead my army. I figured this would be a good time to switch out my warlock and roll with a new one.

Last week we pulled back the curtain on the Celestial Fulcrum, the first of the battle engines from the upcoming HORDES: Domination. I am excited to say that due to the overwhelming response I’ve managed to get the initial sculpt for everyone to see in today’s Insider. Behold the awesome might of the Celestial Fulcrum!