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Those who play WARMACHINE and HORDES often fall into a two major camps, generally speaking: those who play for the sake of the game and those who play for the sake of the hobby. That’s not to say there isn’t some blurring of the lines, and I know for a fact that many folks enjoy both. Personally, I fall squarely in the former. I love playing WARMACHINE and HORDES, but frankly, assembling and painting models scares the crap out of me.

I spent most of week five converting my Widowmakers and Man-O-War Kovniks. I removed the rifle stands from the Widowmakers and turned the heads of the leader and trooper #2 so they would all be looking in the direction of their rifles. It required a minor amount of sculpting for the repositioning and to repair the parts where the stands were clipped away. For my Kovniks, I wanted two distinct poses, so I reposed one in the middle of an axe swing, and the other holding his axe cannon at port arms, ready to fire. The amount of clipping and pinning required was maddening!

Week 5 Journeyman
Week five of the Privateer Press Staff Journeyman League is over and things are definitely heating up! I’ve decided to stick with Commander Stryker for the rest of the league and grow my army into a 35-point list for the final two weeks. I decided to supplement my warjack heavy battlegroup with a unit of Field Mechaniks and add a little ranged versatility with a unit of Gun Mages. Here’s my final 35-point list:

Often in interviews or when I’m talking to our readers, I get a lot of questions about our characters, including the inevitable: which is your favorite? This is an impossible question, but it did make me realize I could do a recurring blog where I would pick a character and spend some time with him or her. This would let me talk about my experiences as a writer working with specific characters, as well as examining their place in the setting and our ongoing stories. To kick things off, I picked one of our most dynamic characters: the mercenary warcaster Asheth Magnus.

Week 4 Journeyman
The Journeyman League is more than halfway over now for the staffers at Privateer HQ! I’m sticking with Commander Stryker despite the allowance of a ’caster swap during week four. My current list is functioning pretty well on the whole:

Today, I’ll show you an easy and time saving way of making your own cannons. You can never have too much artillery, and these do-it-yourself cannons are a great addition to a wide variety of terrain pieces.

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to those of you who have read my previous posts that I’m participating in the staff Journeyman League with my new Searforge army. It’s such good timing that I couldn’t say no.

I was off to a solid start with the Journeyman League. I had my extreme battle group box set assembled and I won my first game. However, disaster struck in week two when I was stricken ill. I missed a week of work, and even worse, I was unable to get any significant painting done or play any games! I recovered as we moved into week three, but clearly I had a lot of catching up to do.

Week 3 Journeyman
The staff Journeyman League is going strong here at Privateer HQ. It's been pretty awesome to see how many staffers are gaming through their lunch breaks or staying after hours to get in their league matches! Lots of people are breaking the twenty-point mark now and everyone is very excited to get their chevrons and slap them on their Battlefoam bags. Personally, I'm thinking of sewing mine to an old Swiss army coat I picked up last year. As we enter the middle weeks of the league there's been a real uptick in painting models. Let's check in with some of our participants and see how week three of the league is going for them!

Having grown up in the coastal state of Maine and traveled internationally on a ship, I have always been partial to the ocean. That quickly translated into a fondness for the pirates of old and the ocean-sailing, freewheeling lifestyle that goes with them. Even before the Pirates of the Caribbean craze, the life at sea and a different port of call every month always appealed to my rebellious side. So when the Journeyman League offered a chance to start a new army, it was the pirate life for me.

Welcome back to my ongoing series about how words work. Today, I have a few more examples to add to your list of ones that are commonly confused for each other. This list is still far from comprehensive, so don't panic if the word pair/group that is your personal nemesis isn't here. There's plenty of time for us to get to it! In the meantime, let me know if there are any words you find particularly tough to use or spell correctly, and I'll see if I have any tricks that might help you keep them straight.

Some of you may have seen my announcement on the Privateer Press forums about a painting class I held at Card Kingdom in Seattle, Washington. This past weekend, I taught the class, and I had a blast! I planned the class to have a lot of hands-on painting time, so it was split up over two days. I provided Fiona the Black for all of my students and brought a set of P3 paints for everyone to try.

The staff Journeyman League continued to be a favorite topic of conversation around the office this week. I myself was particularly excited to move beyond battlegroup box sets and expand to 15-point games. I decided to augment my durable Cygnar battlegroup—already tough-as-nails thanks to Commander Stryker—with Captain Arlan Strangewayes. Having Strangewayes marshal my Ironclad meant that some of Stryker’s focus was freed up to cast more spells—a bonus I used to devastating effect against Jason Sole’s Kreoss-led army. Take that Mr. Lead Developer! He’s got me beaten on the painting front, though. I haven’t had much of a chance to work on my figures and I’ll have to rectify that soon.

I painted a small Khadoran force for the 2010 staff challenge in No Quarter Magazine #28. The Journeyman slow-grow league presents the perfect opportunity to expand it. For the league, we are starting from battlegroup box sets, but my plan for this army has always been to use Extreme versions for my warjacks, so I’m recreating the Khador battlegroup using Sorscha, the Extreme Juggernaut, and the Extreme Destroyer.

The new Journeyman League is kicking off in a big way here at Privateer Press HQ and, like many, I was not immune to its siren song. I’ve been painting and playing WARMACHINE and HORDES for a long time, and in the past all I needed to start a new The new Journeyman League is kicking off in a big way here at Privateer Press HQ and, like many, I was not immune to its siren song. I’ve been painting and playing WARMACHINE and HORDES for a long time, and in the past all I needed to start a new faction was a paper-thin excuse. Unfortunately, it seemed that recently I just hadn’t had the time to do anything but focus on my Khador and Trollblood armies. Launching the new league was a great chance for me to mosey over to a new project, so I signed up immediately.

The first week of the Journeyman League is upon us, and I have elected to play the Retribution of Scyrah. Although I have dabbled in wargaming, I have never painted an army. It seems to be the curse of the sculptor to spend so much time working on making sculptures that you have little time left to actually spend on the hobby and play the games you help create. However, the Journeyman League seemed to be a very opportune time to commit to building and painting a full 50 points of models. This time, I am determined.

Week 1 Journeyman
The new Journeyman League format has everyone at Privateer Press excited for the opportunity to start a brand new army, or in the case of some of our many recently hired employees, the opportunity to start playing WARMACHINE and HORDES for the first time!

With twenty-two staffers participating, I knew it was going to be an exciting league with a great mix of factions and paint schemes. Let’s take a look at our roster of participants divided up by faction.

Thanks to Privateer’s rock-star design team and the illustration work of Andrea Uderzo, my blogs are easy and popular. I’m always proud when their hard work comes together to bring great new visuals to our games. Last week we gave you a preview, but without further ado, I present to you the front and back covers of HORDES: Domination!

This month, the final WARMACHINE battle engine, the Vessel of Judgment rolls onto store shelves and tabletops across the world. The Vessel represents an important milestone for Privateer Press: it completes the first line of our resin kits. However, even now, we are hard at work on the next set of battle engines contained within the pages of the upcoming HORDES: Domination.

But resin isn’t restricted to battle engine-sized models alone. Also hitting store shelves this month is the first 50 mm resin/metal hybrid kit for WARMACHINE or HORDES: the Bronzeback Titan.

The Razor Worm is a warbeast I convinced the powers that be to make. With this in mind, I really wanted and needed to paint a couple. Even though they are FA U, I need to get some combat experience with them before I go off and paint ten. A couple will do for now. The Razor Worm feels like a hit-and-run kind of a war beast, and that’s just how I’m going to play mine.