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The new Journeyman League is kicking off in a big way here at Privateer Press HQ and, like many, I was not immune to its siren song. I’ve been painting and playing WARMACHINE and HORDES for a long time, and in the past all I needed to start a new The new Journeyman League is kicking off in a big way here at Privateer Press HQ and, like many, I was not immune to its siren song. I’ve been painting and playing WARMACHINE and HORDES for a long time, and in the past all I needed to start a new faction was a paper-thin excuse. Unfortunately, it seemed that recently I just hadn’t had the time to do anything but focus on my Khador and Trollblood armies. Launching the new league was a great chance for me to mosey over to a new project, so I signed up immediately.

The first week of the Journeyman League is upon us, and I have elected to play the Retribution of Scyrah. Although I have dabbled in wargaming, I have never painted an army. It seems to be the curse of the sculptor to spend so much time working on making sculptures that you have little time left to actually spend on the hobby and play the games you help create. However, the Journeyman League seemed to be a very opportune time to commit to building and painting a full 50 points of models. This time, I am determined.

Week 1 Journeyman
The new Journeyman League format has everyone at Privateer Press excited for the opportunity to start a brand new army, or in the case of some of our many recently hired employees, the opportunity to start playing WARMACHINE and HORDES for the first time!

With twenty-two staffers participating, I knew it was going to be an exciting league with a great mix of factions and paint schemes. Let’s take a look at our roster of participants divided up by faction.

Thanks to Privateer’s rock-star design team and the illustration work of Andrea Uderzo, my blogs are easy and popular. I’m always proud when their hard work comes together to bring great new visuals to our games. Last week we gave you a preview, but without further ado, I present to you the front and back covers of HORDES: Domination!

This month, the final WARMACHINE battle engine, the Vessel of Judgment rolls onto store shelves and tabletops across the world. The Vessel represents an important milestone for Privateer Press: it completes the first line of our resin kits. However, even now, we are hard at work on the next set of battle engines contained within the pages of the upcoming HORDES: Domination.

But resin isn’t restricted to battle engine-sized models alone. Also hitting store shelves this month is the first 50 mm resin/metal hybrid kit for WARMACHINE or HORDES: the Bronzeback Titan.

The Razor Worm is a warbeast I convinced the powers that be to make. With this in mind, I really wanted and needed to paint a couple. Even though they are FA U, I need to get some combat experience with them before I go off and paint ten. A couple will do for now. The Razor Worm feels like a hit-and-run kind of a war beast, and that’s just how I’m going to play mine.

Recently, I ended an era here at Privateer Press.

I was shelving some new replacements for old molds in our mold library, and one of them was for the head of the original Iron Lich Asphyxious sculpt. As I pulled it off the shelf, a realization hit me: this mold is as old as I am (in Privateer Press years). Actually, it’s even older.

In a previous insider, I revealed my latest personal army project: an Ashlynn D'Elyse Theme Force list. In this edition of the insider, I thought I'd catch folks up on my progress. I've adapted the paint scheme established with my amethyst Gun Mage unit and applied it to some of the solos and other elements of my Ashlynn army. Many of the Mercenary characters have long coats and gloves, so it was fun and rewarding to continue the theme of black coats and white gloves across to these models.

The wait is nearly over. The new Journeyman slow-grow league is almost upon us! This format is the perfect venue for new recruits to get their battlegroups on the battlefield and for seasoned veterans to try their hands at a new faction.

Last week, Sturm and Drang, the newest Farrow warlock was shown in all his two-headed glory to the world on the Privateer Press website. Of course, keen observers had no doubt already seen images of this kick-ass warlock floating around the internet since he was painted live at our Gen Con 2011 booth by studio painter extraordinaire Matt Dipietro.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about WARMACHINE and HORDES is the diverse player base both games attract. From tournament diehards to parents playing with their kids at the kitchen table, from master modelers and painters to folks who glue their fingers together, from Iron Kingdoms historians to gamers who still mix up their opponents’ faction names, we’re a diverse crew to be sure.

In my role as editorial manager, I work closely with the fiction in every stage, from brainstorming to outlines to drafts—sometimes all at the same time, with different pieces in different stages. It can get a little crazy, and I’ll admit I become a bit punchy at times. That may explain my penchant for writing limericks to summarize our stories. (Or maybe I’m just goofy that way.)

Certain recurring questions about our setting crop up on the forums or when talking to players in person. I’m not surprised when people ask about the juicy mysteries that we have intentionally obscured, although I can’t answer those. What surprises me more is how many people want to know the little details of ordinary life in the Iron Kingdoms.

HORDES: Domination has me psyched about the new possibilities to expand my Blindwater Congregation force. What can I say, having been born and raised in Louisiana, I think flesh-eating gator monsters are cool. Especially flesh-eating gator monsters with a voodoo flair!

I recently moved to a new place, which means it’s time to build a new painting table to fit my new space. For many years, I have been using a drafting table as my painting table, which has worked out well. This time, I wanted a custom-made painting table that fits my computer, sound system, and holds everything I need within arm’s reach. This table would also be designed so it conforms to the baseboard heating and widows on the wall.

Greetings Priva-teers! (What should I call our players? Priva-trons? Priva-tites? Priva-trogs? I'll work on it and get back to you.) So, in an effort to bring you, our players (Priva-tors?), the best con experience possible, I tracked down Jason Martin (Privateer's convention coordinator) to discuss the possibility of doing something cool for our conventions.

Hey, everyone!
I’ve been really busy in the studio painting up models for HORDES: Domination. One of the pieces I was lucky enough to paint was the new epic warlock Baldur the Stonesoul sculpted by Steve Saunders. This is a really beautiful sculpt with a nice druidic feel. I can definitely picture him out in the middle of the woods killing some baddies.

Those of you that picked up Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood at the San Diego Comic-Con two weeks ago might have noticed the alternate pre-release stat card that came with him. This week at Gen Con, we will be unveiling pre-release cards for four more HORDES: Domination warlocks: Master Ascetic Naaresh, Kallus, Wrath of Everblight, Grayle the Farstrider, and Maelok the Dreadbound. This is our way of saying thanks to everyone that comes out and supports us during our summer convention season. Meeting the enthusiastic players of our games each year really fuels our passion for what we do here at Privateer Press.

Gen Con 2011 is almost here, and for Privateer Press that means four days of fun and craziness as we work the booth, run events, and get the chance to meet our amazing audience in person!

I joined Privateer Press as the concept and illustration art director in early June of this year. Immediately, I jumped hip-deep into projects in process and heard whispers of cool things to come. One of these much-anticipated projects was the new edition of the beloved Iron Kingdoms Role-Playing line. When I sat down with Matt Wilson and Ed Bourelle, we outlined what we wanted to see and which artists had the chops to take on the task of creating what would end up being the iconic image of the IKRPG. We decided on a “new guy” who had only just started working for Privateer Press, an amazingly talented artist named Néstor Ossandón.