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Lately, I’ve been a very busy man. Now that I am the Quartermaster, a great deal of my time is dedicated to ensuring the Press Gang receives the support it needs to run special events at stores and conventions worldwide.

Every time one of our books comes out, I inevitably find myself surprised it’s time already and yet simultaneously astonished at how long ago it seems since we were working on it. That’s what happens when you work in a whirlwind field, I suppose, and in truth we are always well into the next book, so there are reasons beyond my own eccentric brain. (Or at least that’s what I’m always telling myself . . .)

When the brief for the new Skorne heavy warbeast, the Archidon, crossed my desk, I was super jazzed about the project. Who doesn’t like pterosaurs?! Not any one I want to have a drink with, that’s for sure. Seeing the awesome sculpt by Brian Dugas take form, I knew I wanted to have an equally evocative and compelling illustration to match the model in HORDES: Domination.

In Oz’s last Privateer Insider blog, he talked about three common gaming elements: skill, luck, and social interaction. In today’s blog, I’m going to write about the first element, skill, and how it impacts game development.

Since all the projects I’m working on are still very hush-hush, I’m going to give you some insight on my process for working on them instead.

As I see it, there are three general categories that cover all aspects of gameplay. These categories are Skill, Luck, and Social Interaction. Hardly any games only have one, but not all games need all three. The games that do include all three rarely have them in equal parts. It’s the balance of the three that make some people love a game, while others won’t play it.

Getting to see the Trollkin War Wagon develop from concept art to sculpt to final painted model has been a creative high point for me here at Privateer Press. Roberto Cirillo was tasked with creating the concept art, not only for the wagon itself but also for the five unique sculpts that make up its crew and for the bison that pull it. In the end, Roberto did fifteen pages of some of the most amazing and detailed concepts I’ve seen to bring every last detail of this model home.

Hey, I’m Laine. I’m one of the graphic designers here at Privateer Press. I spend my day creating logos, laying out No Quarter Magazine, and designing boxes, advertisements, and whatever else gets thrown my way.

As those that made the trek to Seattle last year can tell you, the first Lock & Load Gamefest was a smashing success. We’re eager to build on that success in 2012, so I am proud to announce that the second annual Lock & Load Gamefest will be held on June 1 though June 3 at the Red Lion in Seattle. As astute observers may have noticed from the dates, Lock & Load has also been extended to three days! Two days just couldn’t contain all we have in store for Lock & Load 2012.

If you were one of the lucky folks who attended one of my sculpting demos at Lock & Load you may have seen me in the process of sculpting the Archidon skorne warbeast! Well, after much hard work, as well as squeezing in several other projects like the Throne of Everblight, here is the final result! I had a lot of fun making this heavy warbeast for HORDES: Domination, and I think he turned out pretty cool!

Have you ever wanted to throw a mini across the room while you are building it? Rather than having to build it multiple times as it breaks down on you, let’s take the time to build it right the first time. This blog will demonstrate some more advanced modeling techniques for building really challenging minis.

These days a lot of my time at the office is spent working on the upcoming Iron Kingdoms role playing game, but when I’m not writing about alchemists, Orgoth relics, and steamjacks, I’m keeping tabs on the amazing Privateer Press web community! Our audience consistently amazes us with their enthusiasm and creativity, but the project I want to share today is just above and beyond.

As I mentioned in my last blog, I will be using my Insiders to explore our characters and my thoughts about writing them. This time let’s take a look at Thagrosh, once the Prophet and now the Messiah of Everblight.

At a recent First Friday here at the Privateer offices, I spent some time assembling the final model for my very small Legion of Everblight army. I had started with Absylonia—which might not have been the smartest move, considering that my amateur posing of her ended up making her look rather like a fan dancer—and had managed a Carnivean and a Seraph. That was the sum total of my model assembly experience, and it was time for the most challenging of the models: Typhon.

“Take this drawing of a big monster I’ve sent you and paint an illustration! Have it smashing a humongous wall down! Make it stomping on a gazillion Trollkin warriors who are hopelessly outclassed! It should be red! And really, really angry! Have it to me next week or I’ll be really, really angry!”

From other recent blogs, some of you may have noticed that I didn't participate in the Journeyman League here at the office. Although I was tempted to get going on a Legion or Thornwood Alliance army, I still haven’t gotten my Circle of Hell up to 150 points of painted models for Unbound games and I didn’t want to get sidetracked.

We recently completed our staff Journeyman League, and it was a great experience. I’ve gotten in a handful of games, played some new opponents, painted up a few new models, and I’m eager to get around to more of both.

Let me tell you a story.

It was just another day in the office. I was busy with my normal duties when I heard a familiar phrase being shouted from across the hall: “Hungerford! Front and center!” I walked into the office near mine, and standing there was our director of business, William Shick.

Week 6 Journeyman
The Privateer Press Staff Journeyman League is over! While I only succeeded in earning my thirty-point rank chevrons it was a great experience. Speaking for myself, one of the best parts was getting to play games with some of our new employees who I had not previously had the chance to meet. Thinking back to my days as a Press Ganger, I’ve realized that my favorite part of wargaming is the community. But enough of my talk, let’s get to the results and ask some other staffers about their experiences!

With the release of Domination fast approaching I'm very excited to give a sneak peek at one of the most impressive battle engines yet, the Throne of Everblight.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month here in the U.S., and that means it’s time for Breast Cancer Brawl.

BCB events worldwide have been gaining popularity over the past few years thanks to the efforts of our Press Gang volunteers and a very supportive and generous player community. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: These events wouldn’t be as successful if not for the generosity of all involved.