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Hello, everybody! I’m here to introduce the official Crucible Guard color scheme today, (in case you missed the guerilla livestream Dallas rocked from AdeptiCon)!

Hey everybody! I’m here to introduce our latest MiniCrate model, Alten Van Helsing, and to tell you a bit about his transition from mere monster hunter into a foe of all creatures of the night.

For today’s Insider, I’m going to talk about the redesign and updated concept art for the Satyxis Raiders, which release this week.

Hello, everyone! Today the changes from the Primal Terrors CID cycle are going live.


With the fantastic new version of Skarre coming from Black Anchor Heavy Industries, you will want to know more about the infamous pirate queen and her crew. Skarre’s new title is Admiral of the Black Fleet, and if you want to learn all about the fleet she commands, No Quarter Prime has you covered!

Hello again, everybody! Today I want to talk about the development of one of the mainstays of the Crucible Guard, the ubiquitous and versatile Light Infantry.

In today’s Insider, I’ll be outlining the visual development of one of my favorite MiniCrate models, the Totem Huntress. This is a female version of the Totem Hunter and was assigned to Andrea Uderzo.

Good news, everyone: the Steamroller 2018 Community Integrated Development (CID) cycle starts next Monday, February 26, and runs for a full week until the following Monday! If you’re looking to test out some of the brand-new scenarios coming in SR2018, you’re going to want to head over to and check it all out.

Hi everybody! Concepting today’s subject broke a lot of personal records—it’s the biggest model I’d ever drawn, for example. She is, of course, the third incarnation of our favorite pirate queen: Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet.

With the inclusion of theme forces in No Quarter Prime, players now have manifold opportunities to expand on the different Factions and themes of the Iron Kingdoms. Many themes introduce new concepts to the world, which makes for fertile ground to develop content for the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game.

Doug Hamilton

One of the bigger projects I’ve ever worked on began last year with the sculpting of Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet.

Hey, all! My name is Danny Samuels, and I’m the Hobby and Terrain Specialist here at Privateer Press. I am excited for the opportunity to work with such a great team and make cool stuff every day, and I thought I’d walk you through my process for converting one of my favorite models Privateer Press has ever produced. With no further ado, I give you…the Zombie Dracodile!

This March, the first narrative league of 2018 begins with Vengeful Deeds. Like last November’s Feast of the Fallen, this is a shared WARMACHINE & HORDES / Company of Iron league. In fact, there are a total of six narrative scenarios included in Vengeful Deeds, broken down into three linked sets. Each set includes a COI scenario to play first and then a WARMACHINE & HORDES scenario to play after, with changing rules based on the results of the COI game.

No Quarter Prime #3 hails the release of the newest No Quarter Game, Iron Sights! This one-v-one sniper duel is a tabletop experience unlike anything you’ve played before. If you like the idea of playing mind games with your opponent as you maneuver your snipers back and forth on a claustrophobic battlefield, trying to line up the perfect shot to take out the enemy, then you’ll want to check out Iron Sights.

Hi, everybody! My name is Nate Feyma, and I’m the Lead Concept Artist here at Privateer Press. It’s my pleasure to work with talented and awesome people from nearly every department in the company to turn words into pictures that can then be turned into models. I’ve been meaning to introduce myself for over a year now, but with a new faction coming up fast, there’s no time like the present!

This is it—the final 24 hours to preorder the Hearthgut Hooch Hauler and get your free Black Anchor hooch hugger (read: koozie) to keep your own hauls of hooch cool. Tuesday is your last day to preorder, so click here to get your reserved model and hooch hugger now!

And to wrap up this preorder, Studio Painter Brendan Roy walks us through some final thoughts on painting the Hooch Hauler with some retrospective photos to sweeten the experience!

Getting Swamped

The new Blindwater Congregation theme force article introduces a muck-filled bushel of new models for the gatormen of western Immoren—including Unleashed alumnus Longchops. Our boy from the Blackmarsh Valley made good, Ma!