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Every year at Gen Con, we launch an exclusive figure that coincides with a beer released at the Indianapolis RAM Restaurant & Brewery.

Back in 2006, I attended my first Gen Con. I had no clue what I was walking into and was blown away by the size, both of the show and the crowds. Since then, I have been to nine Gen Cons, some as an attendee, some from the other side of the counter. Each year, Privateer Press has pushed the envelope for what events, prereleases, and games are available, and this year is no exception.

Summer Rampage 2018 is upon us!

The last time I wrote an Insider about Monsterpocalypse, I talked about how excited I was to talk more about the upcoming game at Lock & Load. Now as I sit and write this, Gen Con is only a few weeks away. That means I’m even more excited, because Gen Con will be everyone’s first chance to give the game a try.

For this concept art Insider, I’ll be talking about the MiniCrate concept for Gastone Crossebones. The description for this concept was incredibly simple: it should be Gastone Crosse re-imagined as a pirate! I assigned the concept to Andrea Uderzo, and he sent me the four rough sketches below.

Hi, friends! Danny here! I am the hobby and terrain specialist here at Privateer Press, and I am here to show you some cool progress shots of a terrain piece I made. I have received a great number of questions about the trollkin brewery I made for our Northkin Company of Iron table, and I thought I would take a minute to do a quick writeup on how it was made. Enjoy!

In this Insider, I’ll detail a bit of the visual development process for the Planet Eaters new core box. As with the G.U.A.R.D. models, we updated the visual designs for the Planet Eaters for the new edition of Monsterpocalypse.

Conventions are all about memories...

During Lock & Load weekend, we unveiled a new digital audio presentation of our Iron Kingdoms novels from Skull Island eXpeditions, beginning with a free excerpt from the Strangelight Workshop anthology Wicked Ways.

If you joined us at Lock & Load GameFest 2018 or watched the Keynote live on our stream, then you saw all the awesome previews of what we have in store for you.

Hello, everyone! Today, I’d like to chat a bit about the Shrine of the Lawgiver.

As Lock & Load GameFest 2018 gets closer, there is only one thing I can really think about: Monsterpocalypse is almost here, too!

Ah, another springtime has arrived in western Washington, bringing with it flurries of cottonwood on the breeze. As I am allergic to the stuff, I think I’ll hole up in my Privateer Press bunker and write about Lock & Load GameFest 2018 and its roleplaying game events rather than brave the “great” outdoors.

Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Crucible Guard CID cycle. Primarily, this update modifies which Mercenaries will work for the Crucible Guard, but there are a few other changes.

by Matt Goetz

Keleg Who Hungers had covetous eyes; Ammok the Truthbearer knew jealousy when he saw it. It made the eyes shine, was impossible to ignore. And Keleg’s eyes would make glacier ice look dingy.

Lock & Load GameFest 2018 is almost here, which mean it’s almost time for the Iron Gauntlet WARMACHINE & HORDES World Championship!

Mechaniks of Khador seek new ways to wage war on the modern battlefield. With the aggression of forces like the Cygnaran Army, the Llaelese Resistance, and the Crucible Guard threatening their holdings in Llael, the Khadoran Army constantly strives to improve its battle-tested designs.

Lock & Load GameFest, our annual mega-convention celebration of all things Privateer, is less than a month away. Holy Morrow!

Today, I thought we’d take a moment to do a quick digital “unboxing” of the Monsterpocalypse Agenda Starter Boxes coming your way this fall.

Lock & Load GameFest is all about the player, the hobbyist, the collector, the community. It is a show dedicated to you. So naturally, we try to do everything we can to spoil, launch, and preview what we can! This year is no exception, bringing a new Faction and more exclusives than you can fit in a Hooch Hauler.