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Next week, retailers all across the globe will be hosting the first-ever Privateer Play Day! Need a refresher on what Privateer Play Day is all about? You can find all the details here.

My favorite convention of the year is coming up very quickly. I’m talking, of course, about Lock & Load GameFest. Every year around this time, there is a palpable energy in the building as the entire Privateer crew works furiously to make sure this year’s show will be the best one yet. It’s a busy time, but also an exciting one, as we get to see the culmination of so many projects in an incredibly short time. I get excited by a lot of things here at Privateer, but I think my favorite is always the Lock & Load T-Shirt.

Due to an unusual turn of events here at Privateer Press, many of my coworkers have recently joined a new diet craze. Apparently they can eat as much as they want, whenever they want, as long as they eat brains at least three or four times a day.

They say “you are what you eat,” and all that brain consumption seem to be paying off. A bunch of exciting new projects have been appearing on my desk, along with helpful notes like, “Needs more zombies” and “Potluck dinner Friday. Still need two bags of brains, brain casserole, loaf of brains.” I’ll pick up some ice on the way in.

Lock & Load is easily one of the highlights of the year for Privateer Press. Not only does it bring together players from all over the world for an amazing three days of everything Privateer, but it also often heralds some of the most exciting releases of the year. These are often projects we have been working on since, or even before in many cases, the previous year’s Lock & Load.

While this year’s Lock & Load will be filled with some amazing releases for WARMACHINE & HORDES, Zombies Keep Out, and High Command, it also will mark the launch of a whole new line from Privateer Press, one that will give players and enthusiasts an awesome new way to show off their love of all things Privateer Press.

Zombie Invasion month continues today with a mash-up mission for LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] that uses components and ideas from the newest Bodgers game, Zombies Keep Out.

For this Insider, I’d like to introduce one of our three staff artists, Andrea Uderzo. Andrea and I have been working together on concept art and illustrations for HORDES, WARMACHINE, and the Iron Kingdoms for almost two years. Working with an artist like Andrea is a dream for me as an art director, because he always makes me look so good.

This summer is set to be a big one for High Command. Just yesterday we announced the Gargantuan Might expansion for HORDES High Command, introducing both battle engines and gargantuans to players’ arsenals along with new resource cards to enable the deployment of these awe-inspiring weapons of war.

If you already follow @PrivateerPress on Twitter, then you know we love to retweet the dozens of beautiful WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures our audience shares with us every day. The sheer volume and creativity exhibited by our players is staggering, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few of them with those of you who haven’t joined us on Twitter yet!

The 2014 convention season continues to plow full-speed ahead, and as you read this we're at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, April 11–13. The Privateer Press crew made the trek across the country to bring you all the demos and prerelease products you’ve come to expect from us, but this year we’re also bringing a whole lot more to the party!

I make no secret about it: I love working for Privateer Press. Not only do I get to work with great and talented people and an amazing community of players around the world, I get to do so while making games and helping craft immersive and fantastic worlds to lose yourself in.

And yet, as amazing as all that is, there are still days where I’m completely blown away by the opportunities.

Privateer Press has released quite a bit of information about Zombies Keep Out thus far. One need only visit for a wealth of information about the game, including the game trailer and a game tutorial video. Today, we’re adding the full rulebook for Zombies Keep Out to the game’s webpage and to the PP Digital app.

So when I received a heads-up that I would be doing a lot of work on the Convergence faction, I was very pleased. I knew I wanted to match the functionality of the concepts by Andrea Uderzo as much as possible.

When it came to the Prime Axiom, I really wanted to duplicate as closely as I could the way the drill claw is intended to work.

It’s been over 24 hours since we hunkered down here at Privateer Press HQ. Micah's B.O.A.R.D. security measures weren’t as effective as we had hoped they’d be, and now we’ve been overrun. Apparently, Micah used brain-flavored wood. That's how you get zombies.

You may have noticed a few changes at today. We’ve received reports of strange activity originating from the Bodgers section of our website, so in response to this suspicious behavior, we are unveiling our new security initiative: B.O.A.R.D.

Only a few more days left until the Scars of Caen: Charsaug league season is over! The battles have been fierce, the stories have been epic, and the unlocked spoilers have been awesome! Did you miss those spoilers? Just in case you did, don’t worry—here they are:

The zombies are coming, and you and your friends will need to be on your toes to send them packing before they break down your doors! This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to make your workshop zombie-proof, so watch the video, watch out for zombies, and DON'T GET BIT!

Today I’ll be giving you a bit of insight into the design and development of the newest Bodgers game—Zombies Keep Out. Before I get to it, though, I’m going to take a bit of a detour to set the stage with an explanation of game design versus game development.

Convention season is here! With TempleCon behind us, it’s time to look down the road to what’s next. AdeptiCon is only a few days away, and the anticipation is still building. AdeptiCon was my first major show, and it also takes place on my birthday, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Lock & Load GameFest 2014 event registration begins this coming Wednesday, March 19, at approximately 12:00 noon Pacific Time. I’d like to give everyone a sneak peek of this year’s registration process.

In just under two months, Privateer Play Day will begin! If you haven’t heard about this event yet, check out the official announcement at!