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Now that the first year of Iron Gauntlet has concluded and we’ve crowned Jay Larsen the first-ever WARMACHINE & HORDES world champion, it’s time to discuss the future of Iron Gauntlet. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new format for Season 2, you’ll find it here.

Lock & Load 2014 was definitely a convention for the record books. With more space, more events, more classes, and the crowning of WARMACHINE's first-ever World Champion Jay Larsen, I'm not sure how it might get much better. Oh wait—with WARMACHINE High Command: Invasion of Sul, of course! On Saturday, there were 26 players in the Invasion of Sul prerelease event, and every faction in both WARMACHINE and HORDES showed up to throw down. Ultimately, one player was able to rise above the rest. Here is a breakdown of the top two decks from Saturday's Invasion of Sul event.

Lock & Load GameFest 2014 is in the rearview mirror now. We really love the new venue, and we’re already looking forward to what we can do there next year!

Privateer Pins launched at Lock & Load GameFest 2014 last weekend, and right out of the gate, the response from attendees was fantastic. Over 50 different pins hit the floor at the convention, many of them available by participating in an event, playing a game against a staff member, or trading for special pins from staff lanyards.

In the first 12 hours of the convention, Mercedes Behan had them all.

With Lock & Load GameFest only days away as of this writing, I wanted to share some helpful information for both attendees and those interested in following from afar.

We’re only days away from the first-ever WARMACHINE & HORDES Iron Gauntlet World Championship Finals! The excitement is building as we draw ever closer to crowning our first world champion in what is sure to be a series of fantastic matches.

Lock & Load GameFest 2014 is almost here, and in just a week we’ll be seeing many of you at the ultimate in Privateer Press events. For those of you who can’t make it out this year, our live streaming convention coverage on Twitch will keep you connected!

This month, Skull Island eXpeditions celebrates two things: its first full year of operation and its first Hugo Award nomination. Those are two pretty momentous events, and we decided to celebrate them together by offering the Hugo-nominated The Butcher of Khardov for just $0.99 during the month of May. That means there are just a few days left to get the exciting novella written by the talented Dan Wells at this special price.

In recent weeks, we’ve previewed many of the sweet new Privateer Pins releasing in the near future. These pins are a great way to show your love for specific factions, characters, or even concepts from Privateer Press games. I know I’ll be sporting the Cephalyx and Minion pins as soon as I can get my hands on them!

Just last week, we published the first substantial look at our new pin-trading program, Privateer Pins. Being suckers for alliteration and puns, we thought this would be the perfect time to launch our official Pinterest presence!

The enigmatic cephalyx have long-term plans that are largely unknown and little-understood outside of their own cabals, and the advancement of these plans just so happens to synch up with their model releases. Much as the Kodiak was introduced with rules presaging the release of warbeasts, the initial Cephalyx models mentioned their future Mercenary contract. When you realize those first Cephalyx models were released in the same book as Hierarch Severius and Beast-09, however, and that they were part of the previous edition of WARMACHINE, it really puts into perspective just how long-term that particular plan truly was.

With Lock & Load GameFest mere weeks away, the anticipation here at Privateer Press as we ramp up for what is sure to be the biggest and best Lock & Load yet is practically palpable. From seminar practices to pre-store set up to putting the finishing touches on terrain and prizes, everyone here is in a bustle of activity.

Lock & Load has always been packed with awesome opportunities for players to walk away with some truly unique rewards, and this year will be better than ever. From exclusive art prints to sweet branded swag, there will be plenty to fill your suitcase with before you head home. While many of your old favorites will be returning this year, the release of our new line of Privateer-related bling, Privateer Pins, will add a whole new treasure trove of goodies for attendees to earn throughout the weekend.

Now that Zombies Keep Out has become widely available in local game stores, more and more players have had a chance to try their hands at defending the bodgers’ workshop from the zombie horde.

So far, we’ve had a lot of great responses to Zombies Keep Out, both in person at various conventions as well as online.

In this Insider, we'll be discussing another awesome pin: Lylyth, Herald of Everblight.

Much like with the Feral Warpwolf I discussed in my last Insider, the first step for this pin's design was to collect reference materials. Since Lylyth is such an iconic and beloved HORDES character, I knew her design needed to serve as a testament to her bad-assery and to the glory of Everblight. No pressure there!

It’s list time again, and while I add to my list “prepare evil encounters for the next part of the RPG adventure,” “develop a ‘Scoundrels & Sell-Swords’ around my little sister’s personality,” and “tune a steamjack; never tuna fish,” I have a few items to add to your list as the new No Quarter #54 hits the streets . . .

One aspect of Zombies Keep Out that always makes me laugh is the effect on players when they take bite tokens as their Terrible Thing choice. As players get bitten, they become increasingly zombified, and both their speech and mannerisms begin to reflect this change.

Creating pins was no easy task. Since each pin is only a few inches in diameter, my objective was to capture the essence of each character, warbeast, or warjack in a simplified format that still conveys the original design aesthetics. In a few cases, this wasn’t as much of a concern—some characters, like Pistol Wraith Caine, were created especially for the pin program.

For this Insider, I'll go over the design process for one of my favorite pins, the Feral Warpwolf!

Next week, retailers all across the globe will be hosting the first-ever Privateer Play Day! Need a refresher on what Privateer Play Day is all about? You can find all the details here.

My favorite convention of the year is coming up very quickly. I’m talking, of course, about Lock & Load GameFest. Every year around this time, there is a palpable energy in the building as the entire Privateer crew works furiously to make sure this year’s show will be the best one yet. It’s a busy time, but also an exciting one, as we get to see the culmination of so many projects in an incredibly short time. I get excited by a lot of things here at Privateer, but I think my favorite is always the Lock & Load T-Shirt.

Due to an unusual turn of events here at Privateer Press, many of my coworkers have recently joined a new diet craze. Apparently they can eat as much as they want, whenever they want, as long as they eat brains at least three or four times a day.

They say “you are what you eat,” and all that brain consumption seem to be paying off. A bunch of exciting new projects have been appearing on my desk, along with helpful notes like, “Needs more zombies” and “Potluck dinner Friday. Still need two bags of brains, brain casserole, loaf of brains.” I’ll pick up some ice on the way in.