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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed is a game in which characters frequently engage in behaviors that are morally questionable when viewed from a “civilized” perspective. To the inhabitants of the wilderness, however, these actions are often not the product of malice but simply the things one must do to survive. The cultures of the gatormen, bog trogs, farrow, and Tharn are not as strict about actions like murder and larceny as the nations of the Iron Kingdoms are.

I’m a tinkerer—I can’t work on a model without doing something to it to make it my own. No matter how great the stock model looks, more often than not I’ll start snipping and shaving, working to add something of my own to it. As a result, my desk is covered in half-completed miniatures, wads of dried putty, and copious amounts of my own blood (pro tip: cut away from your body). I’ve been watching the Sacral Vault take shape over the past few months, and during that time I’ve developed a bit of a fixation on the Giant Gators that push it.

Last week we talked about the Chieftain career and mentioned the pint-sized powerhouse of a chieftain, Gullin Oakbreaker. Gullin is a pygmy troll, and like many pygs his tribe are connected to the powerful trollkin race. In the Unleashed Adventure Kit, Gullin is out to get Warlord Morrg for stealing something very valuable to him: members of Gullin’s own tribe. The following new piece of short fiction gives you a brief glimpse into the mind of the pygmy troll chieftain.

Finally, the much-anticipated Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit releases today! If you’ve been following the Fridays Unleashed series, you know why we’re so excited about this release. Check out all the details on the Unleashed Adventure Kit here. You can pick up the Adventure Kit right now at your local game store, or buy it at the Privateer Press Online Store!

To celebrate the release of the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit, Skull Island eXpeditions is releasing the first in a new line of stories: Unleashed Legends. The first story, “Blood in the Water,” includes two of the playable characters from the adventure kit: the gatorman sharpshooter Longchops and the bog trog mystic Lurk. In addition, a familiar character enters the mix: Alten Ashley, a monster hunter who exemplifies the kind of wild adventure Unleashed is all about.

Chieftain is one of the many new careers available in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed. Available to all the different races and cultures that inhabit the wilderness, the Chieftain is a flexible and versatile uncivilized answer to the Military Officer career in Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy.

As we steam toward the release of WARMACHINE: Reckoning, I’m constantly excited to see what my next project will be and to find out which factions I’ll get to work on. Given the buzz surrounding the first look at the Reckoning character warjacks, I thought I would share one of my recent contributions, Moros, the new character ’jack for Garryth, Blade of Retribution. As soon as I saw the concept art by Andrea Uderzo, I became very eager to work on this model.

As we race toward the one-year anniversary of Privateer Pins, let us pause to recall the more than 140 pins we’ve released since June of 2014.

In the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Adventure Kit scenario Hogwash, the bog trog Lurk and the farrow Knor are bitter enemies, having nursed a grudge against each other for several years. So, what’s the source of this animosity?

Path of Devastation: Riven Bonds Begins Today!

Mist speakers are a career unique to the bog trog race. In bog trog culture they fill a role somewhere between that of a shaman and a chieftain’s advisor, hearing and interpreting the whispers of the great swamp beast Ashiga. The bog trogs believe this powerful entity slumbers in a mythical swamp and communicates with the mist speakers in its dreams. The fact that Ashiga’s wishes often align with a mist speaker’s own is entirely a coincidence, we promise.

If you’ve read any of the fiction in our anthology books, in No Quarter magazine, in the organized play league seasons, and even in the occasional Skull Island eXpeditions product, you’ve likely seen the names Aeryn Rudel and William Shick on a fairly regular basis.

Week 2 of the Journeymen League has come to an end and it’s going great! In this particular league there are 36 participants in total with only six having played the game previously. As such, at this point in time the majority of games have been learning experiences for the participants. Learning the mechanics of Focus, Fury and power attacks can be a daunting task, but the slow grow style of the league gives players lots of time to learn and practice. That’s my favorite part about this league: all the new players and all the excitement they bring to the game.

We’ve talked a bit about bone grinders, one of the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed careers available in the new Unleashed Adventure Kit. Bone grinders are a versatile Gifted career able to perform the messy wilderness version of alchemy.

Week 1 of my local Journeyman League is done, and it’s time to reflect on some basic tactics and to ponder how to move ahead to week 2.

Being in charge of Privateer Press’ forums and social media means I get to spend a lot of time looking at the amazing models our community shares online. Our Twitter feed is basically a 24/7 feed of incredible paint jobs and conversions, as our thousands of followers Tweet their hobby projects. From beginners painting their very first models to award-winning painters, I get to see everything across the spectrum of our models in color schemes that never cease to amaze me. Today I wanted to share a few things I’ve found both on Twitter and on our own forums over the past few months, and I hope you’ll contribute your own pics soon!

The next fiction vignette explores a question many of you might have: where exactly did that gator get his giant gun? Longchops has been infatuated with the accouterments of mankind for years by the time the Hogwash scenario in the Unleashed Adventure Kit begins, but once he was a simple gatorman living in the Widower’s Wood, preying on unfortunate travelers who wandered too far off the path.

I tend to hop through factions like a hummingbird, giving in to the temptation of the new and shiny perhaps a bit too often. But this year is going to be different! For 2015, my New Year’s resolution is to commit myself to a single HORDES faction and a single WARMACHINE faction. I’ve been dying to answer the call of the kriels for years, and in 2015 I’m finally going to focus on Trollbloods.

It’s that time of year again—the Privateer Press 2015 Keynote presentation is almost here! On February 6 at 10 A.M. EST, 7 A.M. PST, you’ll get your first look at some of the exciting 2015 new releases coming your way from Privateer Press. We’ll be streaming live from TempleCon, so whether you’re with us at the convention or watching over the Internet, you’ll be among the first to know what you can look forward to in the coming year. Then, on Saturday at around noon EST, 9 A.M. PST, be sure to come back for live-streaming coverage of the final rounds of the Iron Gauntlet from TempleCon. Watch some of the best players in the world compete for a spot in the Iron Gauntlet World Championship at Lock & Load GameFest 2015!

A lot of thought goes into which Privateer Pins to do next—in fact, we had a month-long discussion about how to balance the pins for release in 2015. Which pins would best be released at conventions? Which pins should be limited editions? Which pins should be unique to an event? Faction vs. character vs. insignia vs. variants, chibi vs. zombie vs. gobber. What gets translucence, which pins should be pin-on-pin, what special features can any given pin have?