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With the official holiday shopping season about to begin, I know you must be wondering what holiday sales Privateer Press has planned. Well, just like last year, we’re splitting our sale into two parts: Black Friday Digital Deals and our annual Privateer Press Holiday Sale starting on Cyber Monday!

Hi, everybody! I’m Dianne—you may remember me from my Insider “Holiday Bundle Painting Challenge 2013,” in which I demonstrated an easy method for painting Gatormen. Today, I’d like to talk about what I do here at Privateer Press and tell you about the great group of people I have the pleasure of working with: The Privateer Press Gang.

Last week, we revealed the upcoming Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit, available in stores everywhere in March 2015. The Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit is a complete adventure, including everything you need to play as a fierce warrior in the savage and untamed wilds of western Immoren. As a full introductory kit, it has everything you need for four players and a Game Master to begin an Unleashed campaign right out of the box.

As you’re leafing through the newest issue of No Quarter (#57), you may be surprised to see some familiar farrow in the Battle Report. (Rest assured that no one is more shocked by this than I am.) So, in honor of that surprise, I thought I’d do another pig’sider, this time on units!

Back near the end of September, I showed off my alternate color scheme for Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver. It received such an overwhelming positive response that I couldn’t just stop with one model. Instead, I was going to need to paint an entire army!

As you probably already know, the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules book is coming out early next year. More than just an expansion featuring the more savage aspects of the Iron Kingdoms, this heavy tome includes a new stand-alone but cross-compatible rules system soaked in adrenaline and imbued with a fighting attitude. Watch our announcement video if you haven’t seen it yet!

By the time this Insider is posted, it’s likely that I’ll be at WARMACHINE Weekend 2014—or maybe I’ll already be back in town following the convention. Year after year, WARMACHINE Weekend is an ongoing phenomenal convention for WARMACHINE and HORDES players, but I’m hoping to play a few games of High Command this year as well.

WARMACHINE Weekend is here, and as always, it's a great way to end the convention season with a bang! As you’re reading this, we’re already at the show reveling in a steady outpouring of WARMACHINE, HORDES, and High Command tournaments, along with P3 Studio hobby workshops. We’ll also be offering up a host of exciting exclusives and the latest Privateer Pins.

A wealth of information is available to painters of every skill level on the Web these days. As hobbyists, we agonize over learning new techniques or setting up an efficient painting station but sometimes the little tricks get overlooked. That was certainly the case for me with a few of the following tips. They aren’t particularly elegant or fascinating, but they can save you time and a bit of aggravation.

WARMACHINE Weekend is nearly upon us, and I am very excited!

My name is Michael, and I’m a faction hopper. I can’t help it. Every time a new expansion book is released for WARMACHINE or HORDES, I find at least one new model that makes me squeal with delight and reach for yet another faction. When MKII was first released, it was the Retribution of Scyrah. I love elves. A lot. The Retribution ousted Cryx as my main squeeze among the factions, and it still holds that spot. When WARMACHINE: Wrath came along, I was overjoyed with Lord Arcanist Ossyan, House Vyre Myrmidons, and Discordia! Every time I flipped through the book, though, Constance Blaize leapt out at me. Her holy warrior theme was awesome, and I really like Precursor Knights, so I picked up her theme force with grand plans to convert a Morrowan Centurion. That army is still unpainted in my case, but I’ll get to it . . . eventually.

In just a few days, the fourth and final season of Scars of Caen begins!

Well, it‘s about time!

Time for part two of my Cephalyx army “Insider Blog: Conversions.” If you missed the introductory article and army photos, you can take a look at them here.

Scenario Synopsis

The editor-in-chief brainstorms the outline for the next part of the Immortality adventure (part 5 of 6) with the RPG manager. With a strong sense of what the final chapter will include, both men know how this penultimate part needs to go. But there are challenges…

As the discussion begins, read or paraphrase the following:

Halloween is approaching, and that means it’s the perfect time to release our newest Privateer Pins set: the Zombie Halloween Set! This set of five pins includes zombie versions of Haley, Vlad, Severius, and Magnus, plus the Abomination ability icon. The zombie warcaster designs were previously released as promotional items, but the Halloween pins feature new color schemes and are available for regular purchase for the first time.

Seattle has not been the same since last April when Privateer HQ came under attack by the shambling hordes of Zombies Keep Out. Although the Privateer Press offices were successfully defended, it seems that some of the stinkers escaped and have been savagely photo-zombing innocent people across the city. Have you seen a zombie in your area? Perhaps you thought it was just someone wearing a downloadable mask?

A healthy number of Privateer Pins are available through straightforward means; you can get them through the online store, trade for them with a staff member, or pick them up at convention demos (or send your friends to get them for you at said cons). A few of the promotional pins, however, demand more effort to add to your collection. I mean, I work here, and I still don’t have all of these…

Today, I’d like to tackle the topic of community. Gaming communities are an important part of our lives—our favorite game store or game club can begin to feel like a second home, and our hobby can pervade our email inbox, social media pages, and Internet browsing. As important as the WARMACHINE & HORDES community is to our hobby, it’s not something we discuss a whole lot in the abstract. Our opinion of a certain store, forum, or podcast might come up now and then in conversation, but the role we play in our community is a pretty rare topic.

The Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game provides hobbyists with amazing opportunities to convert models to use as heroes, adversaries, and supporting characters. While these customized models can really help create a unique and immersive combat encounter, there’s so much more to the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Roleplaying Game than just combat. By creating unique props and visuals, you as a Game Master (or even a player) can bring a whole new level of immersion to your roleplaying sessions.

A while ago, I wrote a blog about my converted Khadoran and Cygnaran War Hogs. Well, I think it’s time to follow that up with some Cryx and Protectorate Road Hogs!