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We are pleased to announce that Legend of the Five Rings MiniCrate subscriptions are now available!

Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Retribution CID cycle.

YOOOOOOOOOO! What’s up, hobby friends? Today I have a special article for you, one might even say it’s riveting…heh heh heh… See what I did there?

Living With the Monsterpocalypse

Chapter 2 – Fighting Fire with Fire

John Pressman, Big World News Network

by Will Hungerford

“Loco Motion nearly took the Big Skipper’s head off!

In this concept art Insider, I’ll detail the MiniCrate concept for a female version of the Lord of the Feast. In my initial exploration sketches, I leaned heavily toward a direct translation of the Lord of the Feast but in a more feminine form.

Living With the Monsterpocalypse

Chapter 1 – In the Path of Destruction

John Pressman, Big World News Network

My name is Jordan, and I am a studio painter here at Privateer Press. This is the first in an article series I’m writing to give you a window into my process in the Formula P3 Studio and show you some things I do for my personal armies.

In this week’s behind-the-scenes look at our art processes, I’ll be discussing the creation of the concept art for the MiniCrate model called Lady Rose Riding Hood.

In this weekly series, we’ll share the concept art process for upcoming releases for all of our miniatures and, on occasion, even illustration work. And in this week’s post, I’ll talk about the new G.U.A.R.D. units for the Monsterpocalypse Strike Fighter, Rocket Chopper, and G-Tank!

The Supreme Guardian is easily one of the biggest and most impressive battle engines we’ve ever produced. When I first learned this model was going to become a reality, my mind began to spin up all sorts of crazy exalted themed lists to utilize one or two of them in. Not just for internal playtesting, but also for my own fun!

By now, you may have seen the fantastic new Supreme Guardian miniature, and in this behind-the-scenes look, I’ll discuss the concept art process that provided the visual foundation for the sculpt. Like every concept, there’s always a written description we give to the artist to work from.

The Monsterpocalypse arrives next month! It’ll soon be time to assemble your force, find your opponents, and crush/save your local town. So, what’s the best way to find some like-minded monster maniacs to throw down with? Organized Play events, of course!

In this concept art Insider, I’ll be discussing the concept art process for the newest MiniCrate VIP exclusive mini: Alexia, Handmaiden of Death.

Welcome to the first in a new series of hobby articles where we will be posting new hobby content, like quick tips and tricks, project logs, tutorials, and other cool stuff. Our first article is a project to make cobblestone base inserts for your army. This is an easy way to make your army stand out and give it a uniform look.

Gen Con has come and gone, and with it, the prerelease of Monsterpocalypse. Some of you grabbed starters and units at the convention, while some of you are still waiting patiently (or not) for the full release of the game in September.

Hey, everyone! Welcome to a series of articles on WARMACHINE and HORDES that will focus on a different aspect of the game in each piece and how you can improve your game one step at a time. I’ll cover topics from basic dice math (as we did in that Dev Hangout stream a few weeks back! #Mathgani) to basic concepts, such as what you want to think about when spacing your models as you advance up the table.

Hey, gang, 

Lock & Load 2018 has come and gone, but the memories will be with me forever. From hanging out with our awesome community to painting in the Hobby Lounge, the show was three packed days of fun and excitement. Brendan Roy and Jordan Lamb ran hangouts all weekend long to a captivated audience, covering everything from how to paint the newly released Crucible Guard to how to get an army on the table quickly. Mr. Danny Samuels created some fun terrain projects and hosted the Mega popular bits bash—someday I’mma gonna crash that party and get in on the fun…

We’ve focused a lot of attention on the starter boxes for Monsterpocalypse, and naturally the monsters take center stage on the tabletop. But the unsung heroes of any Monsterpocalypse force, whether Protectors of the planet or Destroyers of mankind, are the hard-working little units that follow in your monsters’ earth-shaking footsteps.