Welcome to the New Privateer Insider from PPS Simon!

This year is the beginning of a whole new era for Privateer Press, and I can’t think of a better time to give our audience a chance to take a look inside Privateer HQ. We have an amazing crew of artists, writers, and game developers at work here, all of whom contribute their tremendous abilities to make the best games possible. Starting today, each weekday the Insider shines a spotlight on one of our talented staffers, giving them a chance to tell you about what they are working on or thinking about—or even what armies they are building for the fun of it!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Simon Berman, Privateer Press’ Community Manager and one of our staff writers. The Insider is the first of our new web-based community projects, and I’m very excited to be the one to kick it off! I’ve been working at Privateer for almost two years in a variety of positions. I got my start packing models in the warehouse before moving into casting, where I helped produce our figures. All the while I was writing for No Quarter Magazine in my free time and pitching in on other writing projects wherever I could.

Last summer I was given the opportunity to work as a staff writer just in time to help shoulder the tremendous burden of the WARMACHINE and HORDES Mk II books. Matt Wilson also asked me to help better direct and expand our web community, which means I have somehow tricked him into paying me to mess with Twitter and Facebook as well as organizing projects like the Privateer Insider!

Tomorrow you’ll be hearing from Jason Soles, the lead developer of WARMACHINE, followed by Studio Director Ron Kruzie on Wednesday. Playtest coordinator and developer David “DC” Carl will chime in on Thursday, and we’ll end the week with an update on our staff Grind League. More staffers will be joining us on the Insider throughout the month, each of them sharing their unique perspective on Privateer Press and our games.