Terrorizing with Terrasaurs

Oh no! The Terrasaurs are coming…to the rescue!

Ha ha! Ah, Protector jokes.

Anyway, the first wave of Terrasaurs is on its way, and these Terrasaurs bring some great new units and monsters to the Protector Agenda.

Raptix are a fast and maneuverable anti-air option that I personally use over Sun Fighters when playing with Terrakhan (because of the benefits they bring to each other). With the additional speed from Terrakhan, the Raptix can get places to really gum up your opponent’s plans.

Carnidons bring a strong melee presence that is slow and cumbersome when compared to the Shadow Sun Shinobi; they do, however, come to MUNCH! These bad boys throw a mountain of Boost Dice when they gang up on monsters and can easily remove enemy units with just a single attack.

The Spikodon is the first Explosion attack in the Protectors—an incredibly valuable rule to have access to because if your opponent clumps up their units, the Spikodon can take out the whole group in one shot! And its rather substantial cost can be mitigated with the Brontox’s Special Action: Nesting.

Thus, we come to my personal favorite Terrasaur unit, the Brontox, which brings a huge amount of flexibility to every Protectors list. With Nesting, it can choose whichever Terrasaur unit you like to spawn while it holds a Power Point for just one Action Die! Spikodons, Elite Carnidons, or Elite Raptix are my go-to nesting spawns.

Terrakhan, of course, is the first monster for the Terrasaurs. Bringing a strong passive ability of +1 Speed to all Terrasaur units and some impressive Alpha Form attack stats, Terrakhan can Brawl, Blast, and Power attack with the best of them right off the bat. Feeding Frenzy is Terrakhan’s iconic ability—if the target of his attack is adjacent to a friendly Terrasaur unit, his attacks deal super-damage! Plus, this ability persists through his Hyper Form. When he is injured, his speed jumps to a very amazing 8 as well, making it very hard to hide from this angry dino!

Terrasaurs are available in stores Friday, December 21st!