Summer Rampage 2018 Begins

Summer Rampage 2018 is upon us!

While the event itself officially begins next month in August, the rules have gone live. You can find them now HERE!

A few months ago, as part of the 15-year WARMACHINE anniversary celebration, we released time-warped versions of classic ’casters from back in the day. These alternate-history ’casters were based on a series of “what-if” concepts that showcased what each character could have become if things had gone very differently in their storied pasts.

Originally, these ’casters were shown to only a select few as part of a special invite-only event back in the early MK II days, with the latest release being an update to MK III of those older iterations. Of course, that meant a few Factions didn’t receive an alternate-history ’caster, as the Factions themselves didn’t exist back then.

Well, good news, everyone: with Summer Rampage, those three Factions are going to receive their missing alternate-history ’casters! Why is this important? Because the Summer Rampage scenario this year allows for the use of all the time-warped ’casters during the entirety of the event.

Let’s take a look at the three new time-twisted ‘casters, shall we?

First up is Nemo, Ordinator of Electrogenesis. At one point, the Convergence of Cyriss approached Nemo to join their enigmatic cult, and he responded with a very, very hard “no.” But what if the Cyrissists hadn’t taken a rather violent “no” for an answer? What if they had kidnapped Nemo and turned him into a clockwork master of voltaic energy? He’d probably look something like this…

Next is Bethayne the Farrowfiend. Bethayne had once been captured by the mad Dr. Arkadius, who was fascinated by the strange creature unconscious on his operating table. Though she eventually got free, what if things had gone differently? What if, to further strengthen Lord Carver’s growing empire, Dr. Arkadius had extracted Bethayne’s athanc and rebuilt her using his mad science? This would have included, of course, adding a flamethrower to her face.

Finally comes the Dreaming Harbinger. If you remember the end of the Apotheosis storyline, the Harbinger sacrificed herself to free the trapped Menite souls within an Orgoth temple. In doing so, she gave her life, though her soul was captured by the Testament and safely transported back to Hierarch Voyle for resurrection. But what if something dark had found her soul first? What if the Heretic and the Dreamer had discovered her soul and, using their foul magic, convinced her she had been reborn by Menoth’s hand…but were actually clouding her vision. Where the Harbinger sees herself as bringing salvation, she is actually bringing ruin. Where she believes she heals, she actually destroys.

So, if you want to play Summer Rampage using these or the other alt-history ’casters, check with your local gaming store or game club to see if they’ll be running the event this August. Stores can purchase the prize kits either through their distributors or via our online store here:*

*Note: A store must be logged into their retail account in order to view and purchase any OP kits.