Shrine of the Lawgiver List Building

Hello, everyone! Today, I’d like to chat a bit about the Shrine of the Lawgiver.

The Shrine of the Lawgiver is our newest addition to the Black Anchor Heavy Industries line of models, and let me tell you, this model is HUGE! The Shrine clocks in at 170 mm of pure beauty, so whether you want one to use in the game for its rules or as a piece of terrain, it’s sure to make an impact!

After the Exemplar CID playtesting ended, the only change we made to the Shrine is you can no longer kill your own models to trigger Jaws of Urcaen. The abilities to return models to play, remove enemy models from play, and hand out Ghostly are all still present. Below, I’ve put together a list that uses the Shrine of the Lawgiver that I was partial to during playtest.

Theme Force: Exemplar Interdiction

High Exemplar Cyrenia

  • Indictor
  • Purifier
  • Purifier
  • Hierophant

High Exemplar Gravus

Vassal Mechanic


Choir of Menoth (6)

Exemplar Cinerators (5)

  • Exemplar Cinerator Officer [Free]

Knights Exemplar (6)

  • Knights Exemplar Officer [Free]

Knights Exemplar (6)

  • Knights Exemplar Officer [Free]

Visgoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard (3)

Shrine of the Lawgiver

Cyrenia, the newest addition to the Exemplar stable, is a defensive warcaster that benefits greatly from the Shrine’s Vault of the Faithful rule. Returning destroyed Cinerators to play that are under the effect of Inviolable Resolve, Shield Wall, and the defensive benefits of a Rock Wall makes them very difficult targets for enemy attacks. And should your Cinerators survive, your Knights Exemplar will very likely have casualties that your Shrine can help mitigate.

The Shrine also brings a solid ranged attack to the list for the early rounds before melee engagement. Between its Jaws of Urcaen rule and the Cinerator Officer giving Take Down to its unit, your army should have no problem dealing with things that need to be removed from play.

Ghostly is a very powerful ability, especially in Protectorate lists. There are very few ways to give models Pathfinder in the Protectorate, and the Shrine not only does that but even allows them to move through buildings! This can open up angles of attack for your ’jacks or ensure that every last infantry model can make it to attack a target.

Some other warcasters I have found that benefit well from the Shrine of the Lawgiver include the Testament of Menoth, Vice Scrutator Vindictus, and even the Harbinger of Menoth. The Testament can always use more bodies being returned to play. Vindictus lists usually contain huge amounts of infantry for huge amounts of souls to keep the Shrine powered. When you’re playing the Harbinger, any models that your opponent manages to destroy in can now be returned to play. I especially like the idea of Bastions popping back up once your opponent finally kills them!

The Shrine of the Lawgiver is available to preorder now at!