Pinsider 11-16-2016

The last wave of pins before we wrap up 2016 are now available for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa exchanges, and even as gift tags—instead of writing the recipient’s name on a tag, just attach a chibi warcaster to a bow or ribbon and make an awesome impression.

For the player who’s been around for a while, the new warcasters that debuted last summer will make fine additions to their collections. Chibi Malekus, the Burning Truth and Chibi Bane Witch Agathia are festive in their own uniquely warped ways.

For the long-time collector of Privateer Pins, we add two more new cereal pins—long overdue, if request emails are to be believed. We add a few Factions that haven’t had their moment in the sun yet with Croakie Crisp and Raisin Rahn. As always, these cereals are killers…in a happy, seasonal kind of way.

For the hardcore player, you can’t go wrong with the Ability Assault pin. This premiered at WARMACHINE Weekend in early November and is available in very limited quantities. It’s our latest icon from the game itself, one every WARMACHINE and HORDES player will recognize it—either because they’ve used it in battle or it’s been used against them!

And finally, when in doubt, go with snow. Our Christmas Snowtroll is the ultimate holiday non-denominational pin that underscores the season with both humor and cartoon violence (which is the only kind of violence we need more of in the world). Nothing says peace, love, and happiness like a troll. Oh, and it turns out, it makes a lovely tree ornament, too. (And it looks great with a red light bulb behind it.)

We also still have a few holiday pins from the past available, so be sure to check our online store for even more collectibles for those hard-to-please tabletop commanders in your life.

Here’s hoping Privateer Pins are part of your holidays this year!