P3 Grandmasters Return to L&L and GenCon 2018

The P3 Grandmasters are upon us! Each year at both Lock & Load GameFest and Gen Con, some of the best talent in miniature painting converges to participate in the P3 Grandmasters painting competition. Last year, we introduced a redesign of the coveted P3 trophy, which was very well received; this year, we’re shaking up the categories that will be open to our contestants.

First, we have the ever-popular Single. This category allows any single models, including heavy and light warjacks and warbeasts. This is a favorite of mine—the amount of detail artists dedicate to just one model is always impressive.


Morvahna the Dawnshadow - Marike Reimer

Next, we have Diorama. Narrative and story are essential to the Iron Kingdoms, and this category allows you to explore your favorite story in all its full 3D glory. I’ve seen some impressive entries in this category, including 2018’s Gen Con Grandmaster Chris Suhre with his awesome Deathjack dio.

Deathjack Diorama - Chris Suhre

Massive is a category that needs no explanation: simply, a huge-based model. Trust me, this is a category of minis that are bigger than life and are always impressive to behold.

Kraken - Sam Lenz

Group has seen a radical redesign this year. Now your group includes the battlegroup option for judging. Warcasters with ’jacks, units, or even your Company of Iron force can all be entered in this category to face off in the ultimate competition of whose posse looks the best.

Battlegroup-Khador - Drew Drescher

The change I am most excited for, though, is the Bust category. That’s right—this year, we have given busts their own category to duke it out in. We’ve seen some amazing busts since we first introduced the line two years ago, and I am sure this year will be no different when it comes to quality.

Borka Bust - Erik Swinson

Remember, the P3 Grandmaster is an open judging system—each entry is judged on its own merit. All entries that earn bronze, silver, and gold will be awarded the appropriate medal for the work they put forth, meaning there are more medals of each status to give out, not just a first, second, and third. But the biggest reward you can get from entering is feedback. The P3 judges will be on hand to offer advice on how YOU can up your game and reach the painting level you’re trying to achieve.

Hopefully, I will see you at one (or both) of this year’s Grandmaster competitions with some new painting projects you’ve been working on.

Remember: Patience, Practice, and Perseverance :)