Northkin Unleashed on the IKRPG

Winter in Seattle seems like it will never end. One cold, gray morning passes into the next, broken up by sips of sunlight as thin and unpleasant as my first cup of coffee today. Sure, other parts of the world have actual blizzards, ice storms, and sub-zero temperatures to deal with, but for people in the Pacific Northwest, a few days of snow can feel like the dawning of a new Ice Age. While I understand that we're technically in spring now, it's still cold, man.

To celebrate our (seemingly) endless winter, for this installment of Iron Kingdoms RPG rules and updates we thought we’d turn our attention to the icy north. Provided below are a pair of new wintry warbeasts and a selection of unfortunate events to include in your games of Iron Kingdoms Unleashed—which I hope you’re playing somewhere nice and cozy with a cup of cocoa or coffee better than mine.


Event Table

Players now have manifold opportunities to expand on the different Factions and themes of the Iron Kingdoms. Many themes introduce new concepts to the world, which makes for fertile ground to develop content for the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game.

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