No Quarter Prime 04 Preview

With the fantastic new version of Skarre coming from Black Anchor Heavy Industries, you will want to know more about the infamous pirate queen and her crew. Skarre’s new title is Admiral of the Black Fleet, and if you want to learn all about the fleet she commands, No Quarter Prime has you covered!

No Quarter Prime 04, releasing later this month, spotlights the Cryxian pirates of the Scharde Islands in its Theme Force feature article. Here, you’ll discover the history behind these fearsome seafarers, the structure and the organization of the fleets, and the daily lives of the crews. You’ll also get some insights into Cryx’s most nefarious pirates like Skarre herself, Axiara, Aiakos, and more.

The crews of pirate fleets are as interesting as they are ragtag and diverse, so we wanted to do two sets of Crews of Renown to show off the variations you might find on the waters surrounding the Scharde Islands. The magazine includes six different pirate crews with a Satyxis used to illustrate their various color schemes. Here, just for Privateer Insider, we present six more pirate crews, these featuring a human crewman to show their various schemes!

So if it’s the pirate’s life for you, be sure to grab No Quarter Prime 04 when it hits stores March 23, and preorder your own Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet today before time runs out!