Monsterpocalypse Starter Unboxing

Today, I thought we’d take a moment to do a quick digital “unboxing” of the Monsterpocalypse Agenda Starter Boxes coming your way this fall.

The first and most obvious thing you’ll notice in these meaty starters is, of course, the models. Made right here at our Privateer HQ production facility, these models are crafted with just the right amount of detail. Players new to miniatures games will find them easy to use when taking their first steps to learn the ins and outs of the brush while veteran hobbyists will still have plenty of opportunity to dive in and create some true masterpieces.

But we’ve talked a lot about the models and what to expect from them before. So, let’s skip ahead a little and take a look at what else comes in the box.

Dice. Man oh man, does it come with dice. Twenty-six dice, in fact. For those of you who played the original Monsterpocalypse CMG, you’ll know just how important those six-sided cubes of chance are to the gaming experience. Well, just as we did with the models for the new edition of Monsterpocalypse, we took this opportunity to crank up the quality and the experience of the dice, especially given how important they are to the core mechanics of the game.

If you’ve played our game Level 7: Omega Protocol, you might be experiencing a bit of déjà vu looking at this picture. I’m here to tell you not to fear; your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The new action, power, and boost dice for Monsterpocalypse are 12mm engraved dice. No more worrying about your hit symbols rubbing off after countless monster block wars—these dice are weighty, long-lived, and ready to roll again and again.

Unlike WARMACHINE and HORDES, which are played using tape measures on an open table, Monsterpocalypse is played on a gridded map. Not only does the map determine movement and positioning, but it also heavily influences the layout and design of the city. Because of this, each map poses its own exciting tactical challenges to players as they prepare the city for destruction. So, each box contains a double-sided 24˝ x 30˝ city map featuring two very distinct city layouts for you to do battle over.

Of course, it ain’t a sprawling city without buildings to be destroyed. And while we have a whole set of amazingly detailed resin buildings coming out shortly after launch, we wanted to make sure that everyone’s very first Monsterpocalypse battle was still waged across a nice urban sprawl. Thus, each starter comes with six cardstock foldable Apartment buildings. And though they aren’t resin, we’ve worked hard to make sure these buildings hold up against all the monster smashing mayhem to become a vital part of your city collection.

Alongside the buildings, you’ll get two token sheets containing 12 double-sided rubble/fire markers, 10 numbered building secured tokens, and two monster health-tracking tokens. Now the mathematically minded among you may be saying, Wait—there are only 6 apartment buildings in the box. Well we’ve put a dozen rubble/fire tokens in the starters because you can take up to twelve buildings when constructing your Monsterpocalypse army. Now you’ll be fully prepared for when the resin building packs come out!

Finally you can’t play a game without rules. Not surprisingly, then, each starter comes with a full rulebook, complete with everything you need to know to play the game, and individual stat cards for all the models in the box.

Well, that concludes our quick tour of the Monsterpocalypse Agenda Starter Box. Be sure to check back for more news and previews about Monsterpocalypse and remember: no matter how friendly they might look, don’t pet the Belchers!