Monsterpocalypse Organized Play Preview

If you joined us at Lock & Load GameFest 2018 or watched the Keynote live on our stream, then you saw all the awesome previews of what we have in store for you.

This included not only the Monsterpocalypse preview video but also a quick discussion about the upcoming organized play for Monsterpocalypse launching with the game.

If you missed the stream, you can always join us live at or go watch recorded videos at

or watch it right here :)

So, speaking of those things you might have missed, I want to take this opportunity to talk about that OP coming for Monsterpocalypse. As I said, when Monsterpocalypse drops this fall, there will be two different OP formats launching with it. First is Crush Hour, the official tournament format. In Crush Hour, you can run any size event you like, as determined by the event organizer. Looking for a quicker event? Then run a one-monster tournament. Looking for a standard sized throwdown? Run a two-monster tournament. Do you want to run an absolute slobberknocker mega-event…three monsters is the way to go.

Crush Hour runs a lot like Steamroller in terms of round pairings and timing, including the use of Deathclock. However, there are no scenarios like you would see in Steamroller. No, in Monsterpocalypse, the only path to victory is by annihilating your opponent’s giant monsters.

Each Crush Hour prize kit comes with foil stat cards for the top placing players as well as for random participants. Additionally, the first-place player in each event will win a special resin alt-sculpt building for use in their city. And because you can use multiples of the same building type in Monsterpocalypse, that means winning first place in Crush Hour will give you a prize that only gets better the more of it that you acquire! The initial building is going to be an alt sculpt Corporate Headquarters, the Privateer Press HQ.

Its rules are the same as those for the normal Corp HQ, but just take a look at this thing and imagine how awesome it’d be to have a few of them waiting to be destroyed in your city.

If you aren’t looking for competition, we’ve got your covered there, too. Also launching with Monsterpocalypse will be the first casual league, the Isle of Annihilation. This league can be run over the course of a weekend or for up to four weeks—for as long as your community feels is right. During the league, you choose an Agenda to fight for and try to rack up victories and special achievements from game to game.

At the end of the league, the top Protector player and the top Destroyer player will each receive a special metal health tracker token featuring either the G.U.A.R.D. or Planet Eaters logo.

But the top players aren’t the only ones who will walk away with something special. The league features a new map for your games of Monsterpocalypse: the Isle of Annihilation itself. This luxurious island getaway features multiple four-star hotels, plentiful beaches, a freaking active volcano, oh and monsters…your monsters, specifically.

All players who participate in the league with the appropriate league prize kit will receive a full-sized map to play with. Best of all, the Isle of Annihilation map is completely legal for all OP events, including Crush Hour tournaments!

Make sure to check with your local gaming store or venue to see if they’ll be running either Crush Hour or Isle of Annihilation events at the launch of Monsterpocalypse. If your LGS needs help getting a prize kit, they can either order them through their distributor or by purchasing one on our online store in the very near future!