Many Thanks!

As we close the book on 2018, I want to take one last moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has made another year possible for Privateer Press.

This year we celebrated fifteen years of WARMACHINE—something that, fifteen years ago, I never could have imagined as a future possibility. Many things have changed since our humble basement-dwelling beginnings, but one thing has stayed constant: we have the best player community on the tabletops. Even after fifteen years, many of our players have been with us since the beginning, through three editions, countless events, and the continual expansion of this imaginary world we battle in. Other members of our community are new to the game, maybe even new to hobby miniatures, but they’ve charged headlong into the fray to join our vibrant community of miniatures gaming enthusiasts. Whether veterans of battle in the Iron Kingdoms or new recruits, our community is united by a common love of things fantastic and beautiful, dark and deadly, epic and heroic. We see the passion our players bring to the game in the intensity of their competition, the artistry they share with us and with each other, and the devotion they hold for a setting and characters that sometimes feel so real we could touch them.

Thank you, players of WARMACHINE, HORDES, MONSTERPOCALYPSE, LEVEL 7, FULL METAL FANTASY and all of our games. Your enthusiasm for what we do and your support of our efforts is what drives us to continue striving for new ways to surprise and excite you.

I must also thank our amazing crew at Privateer Press. So many people have a hand in everything we do and I’m proud to be part of a company that puts our community first and places the highest value on quality and innovation and creativity. Much like the games and our community, there are constants and there are changes. We have members of our staff who have been with us since the beginning, and others who have only recently joined our ranks. We’ve bid a fond farewell to some long-time team members, and we’re excited for the new talent that has come aboard and who will continue to help chart Privateer’s course into the future. I’m grateful for the many people who have shared their time and talent with Privateer and contributed to our games and miniatures and stories and I look forward to those that will put their mark on this organization in the years to come.

With Monsterpocalypse on the rise, Riot Quest in our sights, and another year of WARMACHINE and HORDES blazing the way before us, I could not be more excited for the year ahead. But I will always remember 2018—the fifteen-year anniversary of WARMCHINE—as a milestone year, in many ways unlike any other, for this company that we have built as an ever changing, always growing, evolving team and community of passionate, talented creative gamers.

With many thanks to you all,

Matt Wilson

Chief Creative Officer
Privateer Press