Man-O-War Tanker Armor and Weapons for the IKRPG

Mechaniks of Khador seek new ways to wage war on the modern battlefield. With the aggression of forces like the Cygnaran Army, the Llaelese Resistance, and the Crucible Guard threatening their holdings in Llael, the Khadoran Army constantly strives to improve its battle-tested designs.

Man-O-War Tankers hit store shelves June 15, 2018!

Man-O-War Tankers are a new evolution of steam-powered armor. They stand nearly as large as a Khadoran warjack, and their pilots are elite soldiers selected from the Man-O-War corps. They wield new armament purpose-built for the ongoing war effort in Llael, and they fill a critical heavy-support role in Man-O-War kompanies. With oversized tower shields to protect them and their less-armored compatriots, tankers are mobile bulwarks in battle, delivering death to the enemies of the Motherland.

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Tanker Armor & Weapons

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