Lock & Load GameFest 2018 World Championship

Lock & Load GameFest 2018 is almost here, which mean it’s almost time for the Iron Gauntlet WARMACHINE & HORDES World Championship!

We’ve had dozens of official qualifiers since last year’s Lock & Load, all under the new points system that allows more qualified finalists than ever before.

In fact, there’s going to be a chance to qualify for the World Championship at the show itself! Previously, under the old qualifying points system, a player had to be the highest-ranked player in their specific region to earn an invitation to the IG finals. Now, the new system is much easier: if you earn 10 qualifying points (which just so happens to be how many points you earn for 1st place at any qualifier tournament), then you are invited to participate in the IG finals.

So, that said, we are running a pair of last-chance qualifiers, one Masters and one Champions, the day before the IG finals begin! Do you want to live the dream? Do you want to be the one who shows up, qualifies, and wins the whole thing—all in one weekend? This is your chance! Be the hero your local meta deserves (even if you aren’t the hero they need).

Not to mention, this is the last Masters and Champions using the current format before the new Organized Play season begins. That new season starts the Monday after Lock & Load when all the new rules documents are released.

The last chance Masters and Champions begin on Friday, June 22nd, the first day of Lock & Load. You can check out the entire event schedule, and even purchase your tickets if you haven’t already, at pplockandload.com

See you all there!