Lock & Load Gamefest 2018 Monsterpocalypse Preview

As Lock & Load GameFest 2018 gets closer, there is only one thing I can really think about: Monsterpocalypse is almost here, too!

As of a few weeks ago, I took over as lead developer for the game from Jason Soles, allowing him to go back to devoting all of his time to WARMACHINE and HORDES. This means most of my time for the last week has been focused on getting anything that hasn’t already gone to print finished up and prepping for various Lock & Load activities. While it has been a bit hectic, the excitement of this transition has made it worthwhile because I get to work extremely closely on one of my favorite games Privateer Press has ever made.

Speaking of favorites, what I like the most about Lock & Load is sharing time with our community. Those of you who are attending the event will have a chance to talk to lots of staff in person about Monsterpocalypse and check out select components at the Monsterpocalypse Hangout. Some of us already even have a few painted models of our own, so don’t be surprised to see more than just the studio paint schemes at the convention.

For anyone who isn’t coming to Lock & Load, the weekend of June 22–24 will still be full of streaming on various social media platforms with information on all of Privateer Press’ games. Monsterpocalypse releases in the fall, but starting at Lock & Load, we are going to crank up the teasers about the game. The Keynote on Friday is especially exciting for anyone who is interested in Monsterpocalypse since one of the segments will explain what the game is all about.

And speaking of teasers, I couldn’t end this Insider without showing a little more of Monsterpocalypse. Here’s a closer look at the Destruction Junction map that was just recently made public!