Lock & Load GameFest 2018 Exclusives

Lock & Load GameFest is all about the player, the hobbyist, the collector, the community. It is a show dedicated to you. So naturally, we try to do everything we can to spoil, launch, and preview what we can! This year is no exception, bringing a new Faction and more exclusives than you can fit in a Hooch Hauler.

Last year saw the fall of Boar’s Gate and our beloved coward Holden dragged off by the Grymkin. This year, Holden returns. Making his debut, Hollow Holden shambles onto the battlefield, guided by voices in the air (and the knife of his gremlin host).

Black Anchor Heavy Industries launched this year with the awesome and mighty Dracodile! Now the line has continued to grow, adding a ghost ship, a beer wagon, and a bear-powered chariot. Lock & Load gives you a chance to snag one of these devastating engines of war for your collection!

The star of 2016’s April Fools’ Day post, the Haley Master Works statue is a fine addition to any collection. This highly detailed, hand-painted 8-inch resin Captain Victoria Haley statue brings one of the most powerful people on the face of Caen to life on your desk, in your display cabinet, or wherever you choose to showcase it. The statue captures a young Victoria Haley surveying the battlefield before committing to combat, ready to bend time itself to her will.

Who has two thumbs and is one of the newest, most talented members of the Cygnar Recon Services? This guy! Journeyman Caine blinks into existence at Lock & Load, bringing an entirely new level of hurt to the foes of the Cygnus. The first of the 15 years of WARMACHINE journeyman ’casters, Caine is sure to disappear quickly!

Clouds billowing before them, the armed might of the Golden Crucible explodes onto the battlefield with the release of the Crucible Guard army box. Packed full of alchemists, warjacks, and jetpacks, this army box contains everything you need to jump into the chemically altered world of the Crucible Guard.

This is only a taste of the amazing exclusives, prereleases, and debuts happening at the Hilton Bellevue this summer. Be sure to get your tickets at pplockandload.com while they last!

I look forward to seeing you at the show!