We’ve got just a couple days left to go with our LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] second edition Kickstarter campaign, and we’re looking forward to finishing up the work on it and getting it off to the manufacturer as expeditiously as possible.

We’re thrilled that the project funded so quickly—in just under 20 hours—and we want to thank everyone who backed it for the opportunity to bring the game to the many players who missed it during its earlier print runs.

With a stiffer, more-detailed plastic for the miniatures, additional polish to the rules, and a new Line of Sight system, the second edition of OMEGA PROTOCOL is going to be better than ever. Plus, with the bonus content we’ve included at the three reward levels of the campaign, there’s even more to look forward to…or be terrified of, depending on which side of the Overseer Dashboard you’re sitting on.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at the campaign-in-progress before it’s gone! It all wraps up on October 31 just before midnight, so you don’t have much time left until the mission wraps...

Find all the details on Kickstarter.