Insider Roadshow! 7/20/2010

Convention season is here, and with its arrival the Insider is going to change format for a few weeks!

Starting with San Diego Comic-Con, Privateer Press is hitting the road! We’ll be posting pictures, random musings, and who knows what else on location. Then, just a little more than a week later, we’re off to Gen Con 2010, and man, do we have some cool stuff in store for everyone there! Once Gen Con wraps up, it’ll be time to start thinking about PAX Prime and for us to purchase a lot of laboratory-grade caffeine.

For an example of just some of the awesome swag we’ve got this year, here’s a look at the dog tags available to those of you participating in the Gen Con Unit Formation uniform event detailed in the previous Insider and No Quarter Magazine issue #30!

In addition to the Insider on the Road, be sure to follow us on Twitter @privateerpress for general updates and @privateerevents for chances to participate in fun events with seriously cool swag at Gen Con as well as staying up to date on tournament updates, Iron Arena, and other convention season news!

See you all on the road!