Insider 9-27-2011

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to those of you who have read my previous posts that I’m participating in the staff Journeyman League with my new Searforge army. It’s such good timing that I couldn’t say no.

Last time I told you I was working on a color scheme. I’ve mentioned that I’m usually a fairly slow painter, but I’ve found in the past that being part of an official system where painting is rewarded gives me the push I need to speed things up. That and the chance to play games as I build my Rhulic collection were great reasons to be part of this league.

Picking colors for my dwarves turned out to be simpler than I thought it would be. I bought the Mercenary Colors P3 box and really liked the way Battle Dress Green and Hammerfall Khaki looked together. My target for painting is tabletop quality, so I don’t do complicated things like shading. I just pick a few colors I think compliment and contrast well. When I had those two colors on Gorten, he didn’t quite look finished, though. I decided he needed a darker third color. I mixed a bit of Thamar Black into the Battle Dress Green and came up with a dark green I really liked.

I enjoy mixing custom colors for characters when I’m painting one mini, but when I want to have a cohesive-looking army, I try and find colors I like without needing to change them. My mixing process isn’t very scientific, so I rarely come up with the exact same color the next time I paint. Looking over the other colors in the P3 line, it looked like Cryx Bane Base was closest to the dark green I had mixed, so I gave it a try. It was a little bit darker, but close enough, so I put a layer of it over the previous mixed color. Now that I have those three decided, painting the rest of the army should be a lot easier.