Insider 9-26-2011

I was off to a solid start with the Journeyman League. I had my extreme battle group box set assembled and I won my first game. However, disaster struck in week two when I was stricken ill. I missed a week of work, and even worse, I was unable to get any significant painting done or play any games! I recovered as we moved into week three, but clearly I had a lot of catching up to do.

I spent the third week painting my warjacks. I finished both the Destroyer and Juggernaut, earning 6 hobby points, and started painting Sorscha. I didn’t play any games in week three, but I did plan out my 25-point army for week four:

  • Sorscha (+5 warjack points)
  • Juggernaut (7 points)
  • Destroyer (9 points)
  • War Dog (1 point)
  • Greylord Ternion (4 points)
  • Man-O-War Shocktroopers (5-man unit, 9 points)
  • Stuart, Chris Walton, and I planned a day of gaming, so I needed to get painting. Working on my breaks and lunch hours, I was able to get the models assembled, basecoated, and washed. My goal was to get them as far along as possible by Friday and then spend all day Saturday finishing the details and snow bases.

    I was able to stay on schedule, so when Sunday came, I had my 25-point Khadoran force painted and ready to go. This allowed me to fit in two league games:

    First, I faced Stuart’s Skorne force led by Morghoul. He played very aggressively, rushing his main force past my line of Man-O-War Shocktroopers to threaten Sorscha. She was able to hold her own, and as the battle unfolded I was able to injure Stu’s exposed warlock with the Man-O-War and then the Juggernaut delivered the killing blow. The only model I lost was the War Dog.

    By comparison, my game against Chris went much worse. He was running a Kaelyssa Mage Hunter force, so my warjacks were almost a detriment to me. The Juggernaut was quickly under the effects of Backlash, and after a round of shooting from a unit of Stormfall Archers and a Mage Hunter Strike Force, the big ‘jack was destroyed and Sorscha had suffered a considerable amount of damage. To compound matters, Chris used Kaelyssa’s feat, which seriously limited my options for counter attack. I was able to engage a few models, and once my Shocktroopers got their hands around the Mage Hunters’ scrawny necks, they easily crushed them. Unfortunately, Chris was able to move Kaelyssa into position and finish off Sorscha with a few rounds from her runebolt cannon.

    To bring my army up to 35 points I’m adding a unit of Widowmakers and two Man-O-War Kovniks. I’ve had a few conversion ideas rattling around in my brain for those models, and I plant to marshal the two heavy warjacks to the Kovniks to free Sorscha’s focus for spells and healing. That will also take care of that pesky Backlash spell!