Insider 9-23-2011

Week 3 Journeyman
The staff Journeyman League is going strong here at Privateer HQ. It's been pretty awesome to see how many staffers are gaming through their lunch breaks or staying after hours to get in their league matches! Lots of people are breaking the twenty-point mark now and everyone is very excited to get their chevrons and slap them on their Battlefoam bags. Personally, I'm thinking of sewing mine to an old Swiss army coat I picked up last year. As we enter the middle weeks of the league there's been a real uptick in painting models. Let's check in with some of our participants and see how week three of the league is going for them!

Laine Garret: Early on I decided to disregard getting crazy about strategy with my Legion of Everblight army and just focus on getting figures that look awesome and would be fun to paint. Considering I haven't painted miniatures before, I'm pretty happy with how these guys turned out. I've spent more time painting than playing, but in the few games I have played everyone has been really helpful in teaching me the game. It's been a great way to learn.

Will Shick: I always have way too many hobby projects going on at any one time. Circle Orboros was one of my first factions when HORDES released in April 2006 (Legion of Everblight was my other). However, thanks to a variety of factors (mostly my love of all things Everblight) I actually hadn't painted a model for my Circle army since before HORDES: Evolution released. The league has been the perfect reason to grab all those unpainted models along with plenty of new ones and start a painting whirlwind within my house. I've been putting in about an hour every other night on the weekdays and at least four hours over each weekend. My goal by the time this league is done is to have a full 150 point Unbound force ready for action!

Oren Ashkenazi: The third week of this Journeyman League was a proud one indeed for Mother Khador. We were trounced handily by the all-consuming Legion of Everblight, but came back for a stunning victory over a pretender who also claimed to be Kommander Sorscha of Khador (very silly of her really). We ended the week with a GLORIOUS victory over the Skorne, in which Sorscha CLEVERLY sacrificed her entire army to score a killing blow on the Skorne Warlock! Clearly, Mother Khador produces the world's finest tacticians.

Cody Ellis: So I'd like to start by saying that I got into this league for two main reasons: to get experience with casters I haven't used before, and to get a lot of models painted. A while back my fiancé issued an edict that I was not allowed to start a new faction until I got my entire collection of Legion and Retribution models assembled and painted. Sorry, Witch Coven! You're just going to have to wait. So, as the league started I decided to hit things hard and get in as many games as I could while they were small and I could sneak them in during lunch or after work. As week three started I slowed down a bit, concentrating more on painting and getting all of my models together for week four. Soon Kallus will finally get to see battle!

With the third week at an end, things are really heating up on league points. Our current overall leader is Matt Warren with a whopping 37 points! Things have slowed down a bit for Will Shick but he is in a comfortable second place with 34 points, all from painting his Circle Orboros army. Will may be behind, but we know he's a machine when it comes to painting and only time will tell if he outpaces Matt. Our overall third place is Cody Ellis with a very respectable 26 points combined from gameplay and hobbying. Although the league is now half over it's still anyone's game and I'm sure all three final awards will be hotly contested. We'll be back next week with a look at how week four goes!