Insider 9-16-2011

The staff Journeyman League continued to be a favorite topic of conversation around the office this week. I myself was particularly excited to move beyond battlegroup box sets and expand to 15-point games. I decided to augment my durable Cygnar battlegroup—already tough-as-nails thanks to Commander Stryker—with Captain Arlan Strangewayes. Having Strangewayes marshal my Ironclad meant that some of Stryker’s focus was freed up to cast more spells—a bonus I used to devastating effect against Jason Sole’s Kreoss-led army. Take that Mr. Lead Developer! He’s got me beaten on the painting front, though. I haven’t had much of a chance to work on my figures and I’ll have to rectify that soon.

Let’s see what some of the other staffers had to say about their second week in the league.

Jen Ikuta: Week 2 was a battlegroup game against Chris Ross' Cygnar. The Ironback Spitter was able to throw the Blackhide Wrastler at Coleman Styker, who learned quickly that catching a heavy warbeast with his face is a bad idea. Bloody Barnabas' battle group was able to pull off a second straight win thanks to the gator toss, and the warlock and Wrastler earned paint jobs as a result! It won't be long until the battle group for my Mardi Gras gators is fully painted.

I also started work on a second Wrastler, which is a converted Snapjaw model.

Chris Walton: For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been painting like a madman. I've
managed to get far more time for painting models than time to game. Luckily, I managed to get in a lunch-time battle against Stuart Spengler's Skorne. A last ditch effort managed to get me the win against Morghoul. I'm not sure I could repeat the process that led to victory, but I'll take a win any way I can get it!

Matt Warren: Week 2 of the Journeyman League saw a lot of activity on my part. The games are short enough to play during lunch, and I took advantage of that as much as I could! Painting my battlegroup also began last week, and I'm just getting ready to complete it now despite having a few models go crashing to the concrete. Next unit on the table? Bane Thralls!

Phil Chinzi: So far into Week 2, I've got eight games under my belt with five losses. Although it's tough keeping spirits up while shaking hands after a loss, I keep confidently plodding ahead. Those 2 Journeyman points are adding up fast, and I plan to get as many games in as I can while the army size is small.

Let’s wrap up the week with a look at our current league leaders. Lots of people earned their first rank bars, but Will Shick is still the uncontested Hobby leader with 27 points. Will’s been going crazy on his Circle Orboros army to the point where he is actually leading the entire league without having played a single game!

In terms of gameplay, Phil and Matt Warren are both coming up fast behind him, with 22 points each. However, the person to watch around the office is definitely Cody Ellis. Cody may not be in first place, but with a well-rounded 23 point total (17 from games, 6 from painting) he may be able to slowly but surely steal the lead from the nefarious director of business, Will Shick.

Until next week!