Insider 9-15-2011

I painted a small Khadoran force for the 2010 staff challenge in No Quarter Magazine #28. The Journeyman slow-grow league presents the perfect opportunity to expand it. For the league, we are starting from battlegroup box sets, but my plan for this army has always been to use Extreme versions for my warjacks, so I’m recreating the Khador battlegroup using Sorscha, the Extreme Juggernaut, and the Extreme Destroyer.

I’ve done a little conversion work on the warjacks by replacing their stacks with the Behemoth Stacks and mounting them on the Extreme Dire Troll Mauler’s rocky base. The Trollkin runes are covered with snow made from P3 Modeling Putty. The larger metal bases provide more room for the model’s feet and the extra weight at the bottom adds more stability to the figure.

Sorscha got a little bit of a pose change as well. I repositioned her raised arm, extending it to appear as though she’s casting a spell. The conversion was less work than I thought it would be; it was a simple matter of clipping the parts, running a pin through them, and filling in the gaps with modeling putty.

My first game would be against Ben Misenar’s Retribution. I sit next to Ben in the miniatures studio, so as we built our models over the course of the week, there was a steady stream of trash talk back and forth between our desks. When Friday came, it was time to put up or shut up.

The battle was set at the Steelwater train station, and the objective was simple: kill the opposing warcaster. Ben brought Kaelyssa, a Griffon, a Chimera, and a Manticore.

As we closed ranks, our warjacks engaged in the center. My heavy Khadoran ‘jacks made quick work of Ben’s myrmidons. When we were down to one warjack each, I had Sorscha cast Boundless Charge on the Destroyer, which charged out of combat into Kaelyssa, nearly killing her.

Ben brought his Chimera in to assist and between it and Kaelyssa, they slowly chipped away at the Destroyer. I took a chance by having the Destroyer leave combat (free strikes killed it) so Sorscha could take a hand cannon shot at Kaelyssa. The shot missed and Ben pulled Kaelyssa back.

As Kaelyssa recharged her power field back up to full strength, Sorscha eliminated the Chimera. What then followed was a careful game of cat-and-also-cat between our warcasters. It ended with Sorscha using Boundless Charge to make a long charge across the wreckage of the warjacks and into melee. With two boosted attacks, she cut down Kaelyssa. The Steelwater train station was in the hands of Khador, and the rails would be used to carry much needed supplies and reinforcements to the front lines.

This was a productive week. I got my Extreme battlegroup converted and assembled and scored 3 Journeyman Points for the game. My plan for next week is to get the models painted and get in another game or two.