Insider 8-8-2011

Greetings Priva-teers! (What should I call our players? Priva-trons? Priva-tites? Priva-trogs? I'll work on it and get back to you.) So, in an effort to bring you, our players (Priva-tors?), the best con experience possible, I tracked down Jason Martin (Privateer's convention coordinator) to discuss the possibility of doing something cool for our conventions.

Jason suggested putting together a bas-relief-style sculpture for the Lock & Load and Gen Con plaques and pointed me towards the artwork for the respective logos. Once I had the artwork, it was an easy slam-dunk to drop the artwork into the build plane of the modeling software I use (Rhino 3D) and begin the process of sculpting the models.

Since both logos have a mix of geometric and organic shapes, I had to employ a handy Rhino plug-in called T-splines. Rhino is great for creating clean, mechanical shapes like swords, guns, engine parts, and warjack chassis, but it falls a little flat when it comes to making things like leather handle wraps and skulls. T-splines, on the other hand, allows Rhino (which is a edge-modeling CAD program) to function like a box-modeling program, which works very well for creating organic pieces.

Once the modeling is done, the parts are converted to .STL files and sent to a Rapid Prototyping service provider where each model is built layer by layer out of light-sensitive polymer. After the parts arrive, they are cleaned and handed off to our resin-casting department and cast up for our players (Priva-tians?) to enjoy.

Here are some renders of the final models: