Insider 8-6-2014

Gen Con begins next week, and one of the most exciting and highly anticipated products to come out of this incredible event each year is the new Privateer convention-exclusive model. For the past few years, we’ve created a new sculpt based on our beer collaboration with the RAM Restaurant & Brewery just blocks away from the Indiana Convention Center. Each year we work with the RAM to theme the restaurant with WARMACHINE and HORDES menu items and art while the RAM creates a special new Iron Kingdoms beer. This year, it’s Everblight Ale.

So, without further ado, I present to you…


Based on concept art by Nick Kay and sculpted by Doug Hamilton, this fun take on the Spawning Vessel model will be available at Gen Con and at the Privateer Press Online Store during Gen Con, this August 14–17, while supplies last! The Blighted Bather is tournament legal and can be used in place of a normal vessel in a Spawning Vessel unit.

If that weren’t cool enough, this year we’re also producing a new set of Privateer Pins based on the Blighted Bather, Druid Gone Wilder, Bombardier Bombshell, and more! This set will also be available at Gen Con and on the Privateer Press Online Store while supplies last!

I’m particularly excited about the release of the Blighted Bather because this is the first model we’ve created based on my own idea. It’s pretty cool to see your brainchild come to life in physical form, and while guys like Nick and Doug do it every day, it’s new and exciting territory for me. I can’t wait to get my own, paint it, and incorporate it into my growing Legion of Everblight army!