Insider 8-5-2011

Hey, everyone!
I’ve been really busy in the studio painting up models for HORDES: Domination. One of the pieces I was lucky enough to paint was the new epic warlock Baldur the Stonesoul sculpted by Steve Saunders. This is a really beautiful sculpt with a nice druidic feel. I can definitely picture him out in the middle of the woods killing some baddies.

I used the paint job on Baldur the Stonecleaver as my reference while painting epic Baldur to try and capture a similar feel between the two models. I am really pleased with the way this entire model came out, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Painting the stone armor and sword was fun. I used the stone recipe in the back of Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros to paint the armor and sword. Instead of splattering the Thamar Black, Menoth White Highlight, and Underbelly Blue with an old brush, I used the foam out of a blister pack, dipped it in the paint, blotted it on a paper towel, and then applied it very gently to the stone surfaces. From there, I thinned Trollblood Highlight with Mixing Medium and applied some thin layers to build up the highlights.

This was my first time using Mixing Medium for creating a glaze, and I really like the way it turned out. I was able to achieve a smooth transition from the mid-tone to the highlight on the stone surfaces fairly quickly. I found the stone surfaces a lot of fun to paint!

And the glowy bits! Mmm, I love painting glowy bits. It’s always fun to paint glowing runes and then apply the glow to neighboring surfaces. I do this by painting the runes as bright as I can get them without leaving them looking too white. Then, I take some Necrotite Green mixed with a little Morrow White, thin it out with some water, and lightly glaze it over the surface the glow is hitting. It’s simple and quick!