Insider 8-31-2011

The Razor Worm is a warbeast I convinced the powers that be to make. With this in mind, I really wanted and needed to paint a couple. Even though they are FA U, I need to get some combat experience with them before I go off and paint ten. A couple will do for now. The Razor Worm feels like a hit-and-run kind of a war beast, and that’s just how I’m going to play mine.

I painted my Razor Worms to match the rest of my army, and I have to say, they painted up fast even by my standards. This brings me to a point I want to talk about. It did not take me much longer to paint two of them than it did to paint one. Most of the time when I paint a mini that can be fielded in multiples, I will paint a couple at the same time. Yes, it takes time to put the paint on the minis, but there is also the time it takes to open pots, mix the colors, switch out colors, wash brushes, etc. All of this just needs to happen one time to paint two of the same mini. It’s almost like you are painting the second one in half the time.

Next time you’re about to paint a new weapon crew, light warbeast, solo, or anything with an FU of more than one, paint a couple at the same time and see how that works for you. It’s the same thing with painting a unit; paint half or the entire unit at one time.

Until next time, paint some minis. ☺