Insider 8-26-2011

In a previous insider, I revealed my latest personal army project: an Ashlynn D'Elyse Theme Force list. In this edition of the insider, I thought I'd catch folks up on my progress. I've adapted the paint scheme established with my amethyst Gun Mage unit and applied it to some of the solos and other elements of my Ashlynn army. Many of the Mercenary characters have long coats and gloves, so it was fun and rewarding to continue the theme of black coats and white gloves across to these models.

On models without gloves, the white was applied to another likely element of the figure, such as a white shirt. The amethyst purple was applied to secondary elements of the model such as hats, scarves, belts, or trim.

The beginnings of Sam MacHorne’s Devil Dogs are pictured below. Notice how the key elements are applied to the models, creating a unit that will fit seamlessly onto the army