Insider 8-22-2011

Last week, Sturm and Drang, the newest Farrow warlock was shown in all his two-headed glory to the world on the Privateer Press website. Of course, keen observers had no doubt already seen images of this kick-ass warlock floating around the internet since he was painted live at our Gen Con 2011 booth by studio painter extraordinaire Matt Dipietro.

It's my pleasure to let our great community know that Sturm and Drang will be making one more star appearance, this time as a special convention pre-release this weekend, August 26-28, at the Privateer Press booth, #Sky 5 at PAX Prime.

And just like all of our Domination pre-release warlocks, players who pick up Sturm and Drang at PAX will receive a special edition stat card!

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend at PAX Prime, and be sure to take part in our PAX WARMACHINE and HORDES Masters event this Saturday, as well as our Iron Arena events all weekend!. More details can be found here.