Insider 8-20-2015

As the lead designer of WARMACHINE and HORDES, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the newest errata document. An astute reader will notice a number of balance changes across the games. It is our intention that these changes both improve balance and the experience of play. These changes were not made lightly, however—they are the product of solid feedback, direct play experience, careful consideration, and continual debate.

We take pride in our work and take great pains to bring you the best game possible, but there are a lot of moving parts, and sometimes we make mistakes. These mistakes can take many forms: unforeseen rules interactions, a too-conservative approach to some new models, imperfect rules language, etc. The age-old axiom of development is that a new model gets more eyes on it the first day of its release than through all the playtesting, editing, and proofing that is humanly possible. And so after releasing a new book or model, we continue to watch and learn and take our time.

But we take our time for a reason: We want to get it right.

We want to weigh the implications of every change and make sure we know their full impact on game in order to keep a firm hand on the tiller. We are sensitive to the fact that too many changes or too frequent changes can make a play environment feel unstable. It is also a matter of timing. We do not like to make changes during or right before a major convention or an organized play season. Sometimes, however, we may recognize an issue on the horizon that will be exacerbated by an upcoming release or we may come to see the power level of certain models as becoming an obstacle for future development of whole factions.

And so, for all these reasons and more, we decided the time was right to implement a number of changes we have been discussing for some time.

Thank you all for your feedback and passion for the game. We may sometimes be a little slow to respond, but we are listening.

Jason Soles