Insider 8-19-2011

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about WARMACHINE and HORDES is the diverse player base both games attract. From tournament diehards to parents playing with their kids at the kitchen table, from master modelers and painters to folks who glue their fingers together, from Iron Kingdoms historians to gamers who still mix up their opponents’ faction names, we’re a diverse crew to be sure.

The only unfortunate part of this amazing diversity is that it can lead to friction from time to time. Our frequent forum-goers have no doubt seen at least a thread or two that has devolved into an argument between folks who hold different views about the value of a fully painted army. I have no intention of spending much time with that particular can of worms, but suffice it to say that people wind up a lot happier focusing on their similarities (enjoyment of a great miniatures game) than on their differences (philosophical differences about painting toy soldiers).

The facet of this diversity I want to dig into a bit is that of Organized Play. Our goal for organized play is to provide official, fun formats for playing WARMACHINE and HORDES that appeal to the full spectrum of our player base. Note, though, that not every format will appeal to every player.

My recent experiences at Gen Con really highlighted the broad range of Organized Play opportunities. The Iron Arena format offers incentives for playing new people, trying new scenarios, or playing a team game. There’s not a single bonus for winning, just playing—having a good time with fellow WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Monsterpocalypse players. At the extreme opposite end of that casual/competitive range, our Masters’ players fought through numerous qualifying events culminating in a best-of-the-best final competitive tournament.

Different events, leagues, and tournaments are going to appeal to a different crowd. When an organized play format isn’t quite your cup of tea, don't worry, as we will never be one dimensional with the types of events we offer. Some will be casual while others will be competitive, but our overarching goal is always to plenty of fun events that cover the range of wants and likes of our great community. And I think we can all agree that fun is what its all about.

To Each his Own,