Insider 8-17-2011

In my role as editorial manager, I work closely with the fiction in every stage, from brainstorming to outlines to drafts—sometimes all at the same time, with different pieces in different stages. It can get a little crazy, and I’ll admit I become a bit punchy at times. That may explain my penchant for writing limericks to summarize our stories. (Or maybe I’m just goofy that way.)

For your amusement, here are some of my recent “works.” Three are from Wrath stories and three are from Domination. As for which is which—well, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

If politics makes you feel crazy
Cause the buggers all seem to be lazy
Just see that they’re made
To a Lawgiver’s blade
Who will chop off the heads of kayazy

It’s what you don’t know that’s worth knowing
With the proper technique, info’s flowing
The best mental thresher
Applies proper pressure
And gets out before it starts snowing

I heard of a fellow so bruised
He set out to make himself lose:
His wounds and his aches
Would show his mistakes,
In his philosophical view

Wait, what are you doing here?
And what is it, exactly, you fear?
I’ll do what you say
And keep her away
Though your purpose is far less than clear

An enemy’s enemy’s a friend
Or so she will have to pretend
To get the job done
Though it’s not any fun
To leave those who never will mend

The axe that he steals is pernicious
And its owner is quite superstitious
He brings it back ickened
And runs like the dickens—
A move some might call injudicious