Insider 8-1-2011

Those of you that picked up Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood at the San Diego Comic-Con two weeks ago might have noticed the alternate pre-release stat card that came with him. This week at Gen Con, we will be unveiling pre-release cards for four more HORDES: Domination warlocks: Master Ascetic Naaresh, Kallus, Wrath of Everblight, Grayle the Farstrider, and Maelok the Dreadbound. This is our way of saying thanks to everyone that comes out and supports us during our summer convention season. Meeting the enthusiastic players of our games each year really fuels our passion for what we do here at Privateer Press.

Although the changes are subtle, these cards really stand out from the standard cards. In addition, they all tie together nicely as a set while still fitting in with their own factions. Anyone picking up one of these warlocks at the show will receive the appropriate pre-release card along with the standard stat card. If you miss them at Gen Con, they will also be available at PAX while supplies last.

Also, this year we’ll be providing thorough coverage of the entire Gen Con 2011 Privateer Press experience through our No Quarter Magazine blog (!

No Quarter Magazine editor-in-chief Aeryn Rudel, Privateer Press staff writer Simon Berman, and quartermaster Jen Ikuta will be providing coverage of the entire show, including tournament coverage, interviews with competitors and casual players alike, chats with other staffers, and enough images to make you feel like you’re right there in the action! We’ll also be posting tournament outcomes to our Twitter @privateerpress.

Hope to see many of you in Indianapolis this weekend.