Insider 7-6-2011

Our first Lock & Load GameFest was a great experience for all of us. I had not anticipated how tremendous it would be to have so many Privateer Press fans gathered in one place for a weekend of fun. For my part, while other staff members slaved away doing real work, I was lucky enough to sit on two different panels and interact with attendees. For me, this involved a dash of lecturing with a heaping side of questions to answer.

The first panel was a shared endeavor together with David “DC” Carl, Jason Soles, and Ed Bourelle where we discussed how models in WARMACHINE and HORDES go from initial concept to completion in a book. This included discussion of art, sculpt, rules, and fiction processes. After a Q&A, attendees got the chance to spend time working with DC on next season’s league models, coming up with many wacky and creative ideas you will hear more about soon enough.

The main show for me was my second panel where I lectured about the history of Immoren. This was daunting to plan. After some struggle trying to narrow the scope of what I would cover, I decided to abandon that approach entirely. Why limit myself to one time period if I could squeeze in the entire history of our world from creation to the modern period?

Why not, indeed!

After a bit of practice it became apparent I would never reach the modern era even by skipping ahead in leaps and bounds. Given recent events are covered in detail in our Mk II books, particularly the faction intros in Prime and Primal, I opted to focus on prehistory and ancient history instead. Rather than worry about reaching an exact end point, I decided to lecture as long as I could with the time allotted and see where it took me. Each lecture was a little different.

One thing I did not expect was how hungry attendees would be for Q&A. In several lectures I lingered after to answer as many questions as participants could devise. (After warning them that some mysteries would remain unanswered.) I realized belatedly I could have saved myself a lot of work by just doing a Q&A panel and not preparing a lecture at all!

Guts & Gears was there to record the Sunday morning lecture, and we have provided the links to this below. Overall, I think this was the best of the four I presented—and thanks to the Internet, my half-coherent musings are available to everyone! This might be a bit much to absorb all at once, so you may want to take a break between.

I should warn that I was speaking extemporaneously, so I apologize in advance for any accidental blunders, mistakes, or mispronunciations. Privateer Press is not responsible for the dubious conclusions made by writers functioning with inadequate sleep and too much caffeine. Privateer Press reserves the rights to redact, repudiate, or disavow any information contained within.

Hope to see even more people at the Lock & Load GameFest 2012. I’m sure I’ll find an excuse to avoid the hard work so I can deliver another lecture. So many potential topics, which to choose?

Part 1:

Part 2: