Insider 7-27-2011

I joined Privateer Press as the concept and illustration art director in early June of this year. Immediately, I jumped hip-deep into projects in process and heard whispers of cool things to come. One of these much-anticipated projects was the new edition of the beloved Iron Kingdoms Role-Playing line. When I sat down with Matt Wilson and Ed Bourelle, we outlined what we wanted to see and which artists had the chops to take on the task of creating what would end up being the iconic image of the IKRPG. We decided on a “new guy” who had only just started working for Privateer Press, an amazingly talented artist named Néstor Ossandón.

Let’s look a little at the process of the first cover for the new Iron Kingdoms Role-Playing Game:

Step 1: We decided we wanted to give a nod of respect to the original Iron Kingdoms Character Guide cover, so we asked for a composition including Rutger Shaw, Taryn di la Rovissi, and their hulking ‘jack walking through a seedy port city. This was what we got:

Step 2: Approving progress to this step was easy after such an awesome initial sketch! We got the next step about a week later and gave the public a sneak peek at it during Lock & Load GameFest along with our announcement of the impending new RPG line!

Many Steps Later: Néstor continued work on the cover, and within a week and half after Lock & Load we received the final image. Not only is Néstor a phenomenal artist, he is also incredibly fast. It’s the kind of ability that makes most artists weep with envy. So here it is, the finished illustration for the Iron Kingdoms Role-Playing Game Book 1.