Insider 7-25-2011

Just last week I was finally able to wrap up the Celestial Fulcrum, the Circle Orboros battle engine. Now I can show you the finished item.

The only part you did not get to see at Lock & Load was the base. I made that out of FIMO instead of the usual epoxy clay since it won’t set until I heat it up and it carves much easier than epoxy putties. I was able to get a much more convincing stone look with FIMO.

Now I get to start on the next project, the Trollblood battle engine. You’ve seen pictures at Lock & Load where we previewed the concept art. What you didn’t see is that in addition to the previewed art, I have an additional sixteen pieces of concept art showing various angles and parts.

I thought I had a pretty complete stock of materials so I could get stuck in right away, but when I was measuring the turret, I realized the only tubes I had were too small. That’s how accurate we have to be to the concept art; the tubing I have is 1mm too small, so it can’t be used.

It seems that no matter how large a variety of materials I have on hand there always seems to be that one part that wants to derail my plans. I'll just have to wait for my order of additional materials to arrive.

So, instead, I’ve started on the wheels, though I only need to make one (Phew!).
One other smaller personal project I want to get started on is my Cygnar Storm Strider. I have a small plasma globe that will replace the resin sphere so I can have electricity arcing through it during a game.