Insider 7-22-2011

Last time, I mentioned I’d be building a new Rhulic Mercenary army. However, I’ve decided that isn’t enough of a challenge in itself, so I’m setting my sights a little higher. My modified plan is to have enough Searforge to field an Unbound army by the time they get their third warcaster next year. I had initially been torn between Searforge, the Blindwater Congregation, and the Thornfall Alliance for my new army. The two new warlocks coming out for the Minion pacts in HORDES: Domination are going to be a lot of fun, but I’ve wanted to play as the dwarves of Rhul for a long time. As a bonus for me, Searforge is the last contract that will have enough warcasters to field an Unbound army. That will keep my slow-painting speed from hindering things as much.

To start the army, I picked up Gorten Grundback and a few blisters of Rhulic warjacks. I chose Gorten over Durgen Madhammer for my first caster since I almost got him for free back in 2006. I had him and a gift certificate in my hand, but decided to go with models that would work for Cryx. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. I had just enough time to get them assembled and primed before this month’s First Friday. The three 15-point games I played over the course of the day were a blast and got me even more excited to build this army.

Since then, I’ve added a bit to bring my Searforge army up to 25 points. When I’m building an army, I tend to buy what I think are the coolest models first. The Ghordson Basher was at the top of that list. Along with the Basher, I added Herne & Jonne, Thor Steinhammer, Durgen Madhammer, and two boxes of Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps. I’ll need a lot of Gun Corps units to put together an Unbound force, and buying two boxes gives me more leeway in how I field them.

After I pick out a color scheme I like and get all of that stuff finished, I’ll be pushing the army up to 35 points and beyond with the addition of Brun & Lug, a few boxes of Horgenhold Forge Guard, and another warjack or two. I’m not sure I’ll play many 50-point games in the near future with them, but at least I’ll have the models available.

Next goal: the perfect color scheme.