Insider 7-20-2011

The Gun Bunnies and the War Rabbits are finally ready for war! Well, sort of.

The modified Grundback Gunners and Blasters have been sitting completed for quite some time now, but the heavy ’jacks were only recently finished thanks to a few hours of assembly time during First Friday.

Naturally, there have been roadblocks in the way of getting the models to this stage — Lock & Load, sunny Seattle weather (no joke!), and miscellaneous distractions. I still have Horgenhold Forge Guard and Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps to assemble, and I need to decide if they’re going to get rabbit ears. I guess it depends on how my modified Gorten turns out.

This project is behind my tier 4 Thyra Theme Force, tier 4 Constance Blaize, and tier 4 Jarl Skuld. Those three armies are all slated to be 50 points and are part of a painting challenge in preparation for Templecon 2012. Thyra was supposed to be 100% painted for Lock & Load but didn’t quite make it. Now the goal is to get all of the models painted in time for Gen Con, which is coming up quickly!

Anyway, here’s a look at the assembled models of Project: War Rabbit.

Not sure about adding rabbit ears to the Ogrun Bokur.

Turns out I still need to build one more Gun Bunny.

The assembled Rabbits of War. The general plan is to name them after characters from “Watership Down.”

After they were all assembled, I liked these two action poses the best.

So that’s a lot of bare metal. The hope is that next time they’re shown in this space, there will paint on at least some of them. :)